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Emirates D20 Cricket Tournament Team Stats and Winner Predictions 2020

Encouraged by the Emirates D10 Tournament success held on 24th July to 7th August 2020, the emirates cricket board is organizing D20 cricket tournamnet which has already started from 6th december 2020.


Encouraged by the Emirates D10 tournament success held on 24th July to 7th August 2020, the Emirates Cricket Board is organizing D20 cricket tournament which has already started from 6th December 2020.

The Dubai International Cricket Stadium is the main venue for the tournament, and the winner will be decided through the final match of 24th December. 

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The last six teams of D10 will participate in this 20 over contest which features some senior UAE men’s cricket team and youth players. 

Total of 33 games will be played in a tournament featuring six teams representing UAE’s cricket council. Like D10 tournament, the inaugural D20 contest is expected to be more exhilarating and competitive. 

There is an opportunity for some young and talented domestic players to shine and show their competence in this limited-over tournament to book their place in the UAE national team.

This article will sneak a peek at Emirates D20 Cricket tournament team stats and provide an expert prediction about the possible winner. 

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Since the same number of D10 teams are participating in the D20 tournament, there are only limited changes in the team’s squad.

Some players have switched their places from old team to the new team. You can even see some new young players on the team’s squad list. Below is the list of the probable Emirates D20 cricket tournament teams’ squad.

Team Abu Dhabi

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Aaryan Madani, Ben Willgoss, Kai Smith, Karthik Nagendran, Matiullah Khan, Mazhar Bashir, Midhun Sudhakar Pattlikkadan, Paresh Katkar, Jishnu Vattekkatt Balan, Mudassir Hussain, Navalesh Naidoo, Osama Hasan Shah, Pasindu Wanniarachchi, Sahil Sunil Hariani, Soorya Sathish and Surjith Manohardas.

Ajman Alubond

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Abdul Shakoor, Adnan ul Mulk Nawab, Ali Khan, Amjad Gul Khan, Anand Kumar, Asif Khan, Ehtesham Siddiq , Nasir Aziz, Rameez Shahzad, Rishab Mukherjee, Shareef Asadullah, Sheraj Piya, Sultan Ahmad, Hamad Arshad, Waqas Ali and Zuhaib Zubair.

ECB Blues

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Adhitya Shetty, Ali Shan Sharafu, Aryan Lakra, Ateeq ur Rehman, Basil Hameed, Fahad Nawaz, Junaid Siddique, Ansh Tandon, Kartik Meiyappan, Mohammed Faraazuddin, Rizwan CP, Sanchit Sharma, Vriitya Aravind, Waheed Ahmad and Zahoor Khan.


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Aayan Afzal Khan, Ahmed Raza, Hamdan Tahir, Hassan Khalid, Lovepreet Singh, Luqman Hazrat, Maroof Merchant, Muhammad Farooq, Muhammad Umar Arshad, Muhammed Naeem, Rohan Mustafa, Sabir Rao, Sandy Sandeep, Usman Khan and Waseem Muhammad.

Dubai Pulse Secure

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Adnaan Khan, Bilal Cheema, Muhammad Hassan, Ali Naseer, Muhammad Usman, Nilansh Keswani, Omer Farooq, Rahul Bhatia, Ronak Panoly, Punya MehraRudra Madhav, Saqib Manshad, Shahrukh Sheikh, Syed Haider Shah and Tahir Latif.

Sharjah Bukhatir XI

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Arsalan Javed, Badiuzzama Sayed, Faisal Altaf, Faisal Khan, Mohammed Halan Mohammed Harris Fayyaz Ahmad, Hafeez Rahman, Kashif Daud, Khalid Shah, Krishan Paul, Muhammad Boota, Nathan Shibu, Renjith Mani and Umair Ali.

The new, highly anticipated six-team domestic tournaments comprise a mix of junior and senior players competing in a scintillating 33-match tournament. 

Amid the speculation that the Fujairah Pacific ventures would win the D10 league, ECB blues surprised everyone and become the inaugural D10 tournament champion on 7th August, 2020. It wasn’t a small feat for ECB blues to end up in the runner up position considering the fact that their players showed the competitive spirit- troubling the batsman till the death over.

For more insights about the team performance and the probable winner of Emirates D20 cricket tournament 2020, please proceed to the next title.


Based on the teams’ performance on D10, ECB blues are more likely to be crowned as D20 champion.

Losing three matches throughout the tournament, ECB secured the second spot on the point table and beat Sharjaha Bukhtir in the first playoff to enter the final. It was quite unfortunate for ECB blues players that they tried to keep the momentum till the last over but couldn’t inhale the victory breath.

On the other hand, Fujairah pacific ventures reached to the final winning both of its first and second playoff matches despite ending in the third position on the point table. It was exciting to see the change in their gameplay from the playoffs that led them to the ultimate victory.

Despite their spectacular performance in D10, they could end up as a runner up in D20 league this time. In other words, the final match of D20 competition could be the reverse of D10- turn of fate in ECB favour.

Talking about another Emirate team, Sharjaha Bukhatir, it had a bit of worse luck than ECB and Dubai pulse secure (4th team to reach D10 Playoff).

Although Sharjaha topped the point table maintaining 90% winning rate and the strong net run rate, it couldn’t capitalize on its mistakes. There was a chance of a comeback for this team, but after losing the second playoff against the Fujairah Pacific ventures, Sharjah dream got shattered.

Let’s hope in the in the D20 cricket tournament Sharjah wouldn’t disappoint its fans again. But our expert foretells that it will secure top four spot on the point table and will not level-up beyond that.

Now comes the 4th team that reached to the D10 playoffs, Dubai Pulse, which tried to show splendid gameplay but couldn’t climb to the next stage from the 4th rank in point table.  Its title hope ended after beaten by Fujairah on the decisive playoff match. Sorry to Dubai Pulse fans, this time in D20 it will reach on the narrow bottom.

You might be curious now, who will make it to playoff climbing to 4th position in point table? One of the bottom two teams of D10 point table will reach the playoff securing the fourth position. They could be either Ajman Alubond or Team Abu Dhabi.

As this is just our prediction, please don’t feel offended and hopeless. The match could go in anybody’s favour. Keep on supporting your team and don’t forget to visit Sky247 news portal site for upcoming match news and Highlights.


Emirates D20 tournament is set to be an exciting affair, with 12 days of extreme and competitive cricket expected. The cricket fans worldwide are excited for this inaugural tournament because as the organizers pictured, it will be a grand event in UAE cricketing history.

You can enjoy the thrilling gameplay of Emirates domestic cricket via various live streaming platforms across the world.  If you are from the Indian subcontinent, use Fancode for enjoying live D20 matches. The UAE cricket fans can also watch the live stream via a Youtube channel of sportsEye and Etisalat Criclife.

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