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Cricket Betting - Know the Facts About Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting - In this article we will discuss certain facts about cricket betting, which every punter should know and will also tell you a few cricket betting tips.

In the whole Indian subcontinent, cricket is more than just a sport. However, this never means that cricket doesn’t have fans in the other continents, but there it’s like any other sport. One more reason for its popularity is the round the year leagues and tournaments which keep taking place in the sub-continent. Keeping the ICC tournaments aside, there are regional T20 tournaments, domestic matches, bilateral and multilateral series, and others. Most importantly, the advent of IPL in 2008 filled the betting market with cricket enthusiasts who were willing to try their hand at betting. Looking at the growing potential of online betting in India, many international betting franchises found a new market for their business, and that’s how it all started. 

Talking about cricket betting, it is a bit complicated when compared to the other sports. The reason for which is the presence of numerous factors which affect the odds and the uncertain nature of the game where generally any team can win till the last overs. If you are also looking forward to trying cricket betting, then you have come on the right place. In this article, we will discuss certain facts about cricket betting, which every punter should know and will also tell you a few cricket betting tips.

How do odds work?

While discussing cricket betting, you must have heard something called ‘odds’. Let’s understand the term using a hypothetical scenario. Imagine India has an ODI match with Australia and the bookie says that India is at odds of 1.42 to win the match. You can convert it in probability percentage in the following manner:
Implied Probability Percentage = (1/1.42) *100
                                                   = 70.4%
Hence, India has a 70.4% chance of winning the said ODI match against Australia. Please note that the odds are generated by computerized algorithms which consider a number of factors. Those factors include head to head records of the teams, current form and statistics of key players, playing venue and conditions, etc. The odds keep changing throughout the game, and it happens after a significant moment like fall of a wicket or a high scoring over. If you are serious about cricket betting, then you should understand the implied probability deeply. Doing so will increase your chances of generating profits, and you might also figure out the little secrets of making it big at cricket betting.

More about cricket betting

You can place your bets in a number of ways. The bookmarkers available on the online betting sites offer a variety of betting options, and you get to choose the bet type.
Most popular betting markets include match/series-winning team, best performing bowler/batsman, highest first-wicket partnership, powerplay score, the man of the match, number of boundaries, number of wickets, etc. Let’s discuss each market and some more cricket betting tips in a bit detail:

Match & Series Winner

This is the best market for beginners and also the most popular one. Any cricket match except for the test matches can have only two outcomes, either of the two teams will win. The scenario of a test match is a bit different as there is a high probability of it ending in a draw. Similarly, you can place your bets on the entire series. A multilateral series involves more intense betting as there are more teams involved.

Best Performing Batsman & Leading Wicket Taker

In a cricket match, the Player of the match award is generally awarded to the best performing batsman or the bowler who took maximum wickets. Guessing the Player is a very profitable market as there are a total of 22 options and you have to choose one. 

The first wicket partnership
The first wicket partnership or the opening partnership is also an attractive betting market. In certain teams, there are specialist bowlers who take early wickets, and on the other hand, there are opening batsmen too who refuse to make a mistake and get out. You can draw the benefit of this exciting contest by placing your bet on the opening partnership run.

Number of fours and sixes

Remember the World Cup Final of 2019? Yes, the boundaries matter indeed. In cricket betting, a lot of numbers are involved. The number of boundaries is something which no amateur punter can bet on, and for playing in the said market, one has to be thorough in their research. For example, in the stadiums of Bangalore and Rajkot in India, the numbers of boundaries are higher than those in the stadiums of Kolkata or Raipur. Similarly, New Zealand has grounds suitable for six-hitting, and then there are grounds like Melbourne and Lords. 
What we want to convey the above cricket betting tips is that through good and smart research, you can quickly excel at the cricket betting business. So grab your notebook and mark your dates, the world of cricket betting awaits you.

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