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Nowadays, a fantasy sports game is becoming very much popular among people. This is because of the new gaming concept which these games have brought.

Nowadays, a fantasy sports game is becoming very much popular among people. This is because of the new gaming concept which these games have brought. In these games, sports team players have to be selected and you have to make your own fantasy team. Then on the basis of the actual performance of those players, your team earn points. These games are really fun to play with. This is the reason why millions of people are playing fantasy leagues these days. But have you ever imagined that you can earn real money by playing fantasy sports games? Yes, that’s true! Playerzpot is an online fantasy sports platform where you can play fantasy games and can earn some real money. Well, if you have not heard of this platform, then don’t worry as we are here to tell you about this. In this article, we are going to discuss this amazing fantasy league platform and we will also tell you about how you can play fantasy cricket online game and win real cash. Fantasy cricket is the most played fantasy league of the Playerzpot. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is Playerzpot fantasy league platform?

Playerzpot is very popular fantasy sports portal where you can use your sports intellect to play the fantasy sports matches and winning will yield you real cash, and assured bonuses. Well, this is something which a lot of people will be dreaming about. Now you can earn while you are having fun playing these amazing games. Playerzpot allows its players to play fantasy kabaddi league, fantasy football league and cricket games. You can join the fantasy league of your favourite sports game and can win cash prizes.

Many people after knowing about the Fantasy games start doubting about the legality of this game. Well, if you are having the similar kind of doubt, then don’t worry. Playerzpot is 100% secure and legal to play. Thus, you don’t have to worry about this aspect.

There is an exciting offer for the people who are new to the Playerzpot. If you are new to the Playerzpot platform, then you can win up to Rs.12345 of sign up cash bonus in your Playerzpot account at the time of signing up. What’s more? Well, you can also win Rs.20 of the cash bonus at the time of mobile number verification and you can also win Rs.10 at the time of email verification.

If you are new to the Playerzpot, then you can get the benefit of the unique referral program started by the Playerzpot. This referral program allows the new players to join the fantasy leagues for free. If you have played any fantasy game before, then it’s good. But if you are a person, who has never participated in any of the fantasy league, then you don’t have to worry. In the coming section, we will be telling you about how to start playing on Playerzpot and some tips regarding how to play the fantasy cricket league.

How to play on Playerzpot?

If you want to start playing on Playerzpot and want to earn some money, then you have to follow the following steps: -

  • First thing which you need to do is log-in or register on the Playerzpot platform.
  • Then you have to choose the match for which you want to play and then click on the button” Join Now”.
  • Then you have to create a fantasy squad of your own comprising of 11 players. Your fantasy team will consist of 1 wicket-keeper,1-3 all-rounder, 3-5 bowlers and 3-5 batsmen)
  • Next step is to select the captain of your team and the star player. This is an important step as the captain will win you 1.5x points and star player will win you 2x points.
  • Then you have to join the paid pot of Rs.25. For this you can use the bonus cash.
  • Once the match which you have chosen to play starts, your fantasy team will start earning points. They will earn points on the basis of the actual performance of the players which you have chosen to create to your own team. Winners of the match are declared after the end of the match.

The following sections deals with the tips regarding the selection of the different kinds of players to make your fantasy team.

  • Batsmen: For creating your fantasy team, you need to choose maximum of 6 batsmen and minimum of 3 batsmen. Choosing more or less of the batsmen depends upon the type of the pitch. If there is bowling pitch, then you canchoose 3 batsmen, while you can choose 4-6 batsmen batting pitch. It is suggested that before choosing any of the player as a batsmen, you should check the previous records of those players.
  • Bowlers: For your fantasy team, you need to choose minimum of 3 bowlers and maximum of 6 bowlers and just like in the case of batsmen, the selection of more or less of bowlers will depend upon the type of pitch. Batting pitch allows the selection of 3 bowlers, while bowling pitch allows the selection of 4-6 bowlers. It is always suggested that you should pick bowlers from each of team and don’t depend on one team alone.
  • All-rounders: In order to create a fantasy team of your own, you have to choose maximum 4 all-rounders and minimum 1 all-rounder. You have to choose at least 2 of the all-rounders, one from each team and maximum of 4 all-rounders have to choose because all-rounders score from bowl and bat both.
  • Wicket-keeper: For creating your fantasy team, you have to choose maximum of 4 wicket-keepers and minimum 1. Wicket keepers are very important part of the team as they can score from both keeping and batting. It is suggested that only that player should be selected as a wicket-keeper who is good at both batting and keeping.
  • Captain and Star player: They can be considered as the most important players of the team and captain win 1.5x points while the star player win 2x points to the team. Try to choose at least one all-rounder as star player or as a captain as he can score through bat as well as bowl. Thus he will help you in winning maximum points.

These were the tips which you should keep in mind while choosing players for your fan-fight fantasy cricket team. You can also play fantasy kabaddi and fantasy football league as they are fun to play too.

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