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Empower IoT Innovations by Partnering with Right Internet of Things companies

IoT provides huge scope for creativity and innovation, but it requires a solid platform that supports disparate functionalities. From hardware to software to connectivity, you need the support of internet of things companies that are capable of fulfilling your business requirements. Along with the resources, you also need a cutting-edge billing platform that ensures accurate charging and rating of every IoT service.

IoT is a versatile technology with great potential. The biggest reason why it is so popular is because it provides room for innovation. This is why it has influenced processes of various industries and changed the way operations are carried out. However, in order to derive maximum returns from an IoT venture, one needs to have proficiency in different verticals. And, this is not an easy task. Especially for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and small-scaled business operations, heavy investments in IoT infrastructure can be a major deterrent. Therefore, you need to employ the right Internet of Things companies, if you really want to get to the next level.

IoT: Bringing in the New Wave of Innovation for MVNOs

Over the past few years, MVNOs have become an important part of telecom operations by serving customer bases that are not covered by MNOs. As they primarily rely on the infrastructure of their MNOs and MVNEs, their USP lies in innovation and creativity.

In the present times, MVNO business has become extremely competitive. There is always a need to come up with new business strategies, in order to grab the attention of customers. Given the current situation, IoT provides a great opportunity for MVNOs.

In order to bring in a new wave of innovation, it is best that MVNOs get their infrastructural needs fulfilled by Internet of Things companies that can offer:

Access to the right connectivity

IoT data connectivity is the primary resource utilized by subscribers. As there are a myriad of IoT connections that collectively make up for the entire network, the cost of connectivity needs to be controlled. Internet of Things companies like Secure IoT Services can help you choose the right kind of connectivity solutions (according to your budget) for your business. Always look for connectivity that fits your specific business use case. For example, in a rent a vehicle business, the consistency of connection is more important than bandwidth, so there is no need to spend heavily on high-speed connectivity solutions. On the other hand, in telematics, the data bandwidth requirements are immense and you cannot skimp on the #dataconnectivity cost.

Completely secure data connectivity

You cannot be innovative if you are always worrying about the security of your IoT network. As IoT data connectivity is automatic in nature i.e. the devices and sensor exchange information without direct human supervision, the risk of data breach is high. Therefore, you need best in class encryption measures to prevent data transmission from getting hacked. At Secure IoT Services, we make security our priority and implement it with due diligence. We always offer a unique Public IP address for every connection and enforce data access rights rigorously.

A transparent billing platform

IoT is just one of many services that an MVNO delivers to its subscribers. It is essential that IoT charging blends in with other services, in order to simplify billing. At Secure IoT Services, we employ a centralized charging architecture (#OCS) that charges both events and sessions in real time. It ensures that customers do not exceed their allotted #IoTdataconnectivity by enforcing credit limits accurately and without fail. The #convergentbilling platform provides a descriptive billing experience, which brings in more transparency and helps in building customer trust.

Complete reporting

For an #MVNO, it is essential to analyze its performance and customer behavior from time to time. At Secure IoT Services, you get access to a slave database that is directly updated by a master database. Hence, you are able to view information like customer usage details and service details in a clear format. You are able to run as many reports as you want to gain a better understanding of customer trends, which ultimately help you form better strategies.

With all these functionalities at your fingertips, it becomes easy to innovate and deliver better services. At #SecureIoTServices, we also offer APIs that can be installed for instantly accessing new functionalities related with #IoT and other #TelecomServices.

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