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Internet of Things Advantage for Overall Business Advancement

Get access to the best Internet of Things platform to overtake competition. Rise and shine with truly consistent connectivity solutions. Never miss a customer transaction and monitory every activity with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Telgoo5 is one of the best Internet of Things Companies in every aspect. When it comes to IoT and M2M services, it is capable of handling millions of transactions every day. It utilizes a robust AWS platform for its processing needs and delivers unbelievable results (almost 99.99999% SLA in every task).

The key to Telgoo5 Internet of Things platform is that it is designed appropriately for the intended users. Everything is intuitive, everything is well-connected. When it comes to connectivity, Telgoo5 rules the roost. It has expertise in different connectivity solutions including but not limited to:

Cellular Connectivity

For long distance transfer of data, Telgoo5 extensively uses cellular technology. High-speed and low-latency is guaranteed, and you get flawless connectivity for your business requirements.

Satellite Connectivity

When it comes to connecting IoT devices across long distances and in remote locations, you need satellite connectivity. Telgoo5 can provide you a stable platform that connects IoT devices spread across different continents and oceans.


For short-distance and high-bandwidth connectivity, Telgoo5 offers wired connections that are stable and reliable.


Low powered wide area network connectivity is ideal for preventing sensor discharge. When you have multiple devices sharing data and you do not want to use a lot of power, then LPWAN connectivity solutions are the perfect fit. With a Telgoo5 partnership, you get the desired connectivity solution for your specific needs.

Tracking, Reporting and Billing of IoT Services

Telgoo5 has been delivering IoT and other telecom services to MVNOs, MVNAs, MVNEs and MNOs for a long time. It has a centralized charging platform and all the B/OSS capabilities to undertake a telecom operation of any scale. With its state-of-the-art support platform, it can offer:

  • Flawless tracking of each and every IoT transaction
  • Complete reporting of every transaction via a slave database that is directly updated by a master database
  • Charging and rating of every IoT transaction, and transparent billing
  • Diligence in enforcing credit limits so as to prevent Internet of Things services users from exceeding their allotted data quota

Telgoo5 is one of the topmost Internet of Things companies not only because of what it offers you directly. Indirectly, it can provide you unimaginable functionalities via its easy to install and use APIs. You can instantly unlock new functionalities without any need for overhauling your entire billing or B/OSS system. Also, Telgoo5 integrates AI in its IoT platform. This is essential for keeping track of customer preferences, their buying patterns and a lot of other important activities. The insights via the AI-powered platform are generated automatically, and you do not have to make any effort by yourself.

With its custom flows and flexibility, it can adapt to the requirements of clients. It offers a range of modalities via its platform, so you can select exactly what you need. Also, they provide you constant customer support, so that you can call for help whenever you need it the most. In these crunch times, if you are taking on an IoT projects, then Telgoo5 is the name you should remember.

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