Encounter a Large Number of Conflict Items With OST File

Encounter a Large Number of Conflict Items With OST File – [Solved]

Are you Facing encounter a large number of conflict Items with OST file? In this post, we have given the reasons for this problem. Also to resolve this we have discussed the manual and expert solution. So keep reading here...

Encounter a Large Number of Conflict Items With OST File – Best Solution to Fix it

Do you want to know how to handle ‘Encounter a large number of conflict items with OST file’ problem in Outlook application? If yes, then keep your eyes on this OST error troubleshooting article, and know the method to fix it.

In the arena of email communication, Outlook is very much familiar client used by home-users as well as mid & large sized companies. However, Organizations preferred to use Outlook with Exchange Server to make the mail workflow centralized. Although, there are various circumstances where users are not always using the internet while working on Outlook. For the same, an OST (or Offline Storage Table) file is created on the local drive that gives you the ability to work in the absence of internet. Its prime function is to keep the record of all the Outlook activities that modified in offline mode. And, whenever the Outlook connected with internet, the OST file synchronizes all the offline work with Exchange Server.

So, Why Encounter a Large Number of Conflict Items With OST File Problem Occurs?

Being a data file, OST is also prone to corruption and there is no specific reason for it. But, the major factors are a list out here;

  1. Large-size of Exchange OST file can cause corruption.

  2. Unexpected power failure in the system while working with OST file makes its data corrupt.

  3. The virus attack on the system or corporate network can damage all the data files, including OST file.

  4. Opened any spam email can inject any malicious code in Outlook files due to which ‘Encounter a large number of conflict items with OST file’ issue happens.

In short, this technical glitch definitely gives you a pain when it occurs into the Outlook. So, it must have a solution that instantly repairs the corrupted OST file and saves your data in any situation.

Manual Utilities to Fix ‘Encounter a Large Number of Conflict Items With OST File

It is evident from above that error appears due to corruption in OST file. So, there are two tools provided by Microsoft in order to repair OST file. Both of them are discussed here.

  • OST Integrity checker: This utility is only available in Microsoft Outlook 2007 or below releases. Originally, it is known as SCANOST.EXE. Its function is to detect and fix corruption problems in the OST file. So, the users who are still using Outlook 2007 or earlier version can try this tool and troubleshoot the error.

  • Inbox Repair Tool: Since the release of Outlook 2010, the OST Integrity Checker tool is replaced by SCANPST.EXE (or Inbox Repair Tool). Its function is to search any type of issue in .ost file and repair all its faults.

But the problem with both this tool is they cannot fix the highly corrupted OST file.

What SCANOST.EXE & SCANPST.EXE fails to repair the majorly corrupted OST file? Can You believe it?

Yes! You heard it right.

When the corruption level in OST file is high, then you definitely encounter a large number of conflict items with OST file problem after using the SCANOST.EXE & SCANPST.EXE tool.

 So, Any Efficient Troubleshooting Method Exist or Not?

Yes, it is very disappointing that there is no inbuilt method available that can fix the corruption in OST file. But, to overcome this situation, a dynamic tool is developed named as PCVITA  OST Recovery tool.

The best part that attracts the most in this utility is it extract data from a majorly corrupted or damaged OST file without losing any single bit of data. It can smoothly recover emails, calendar, contacts, task and much more from the Offline Storage Table file. And, a user can easily export the restored data from corrupted OST file in PST, EML, MSG, HTML file formats. If you wish to directly transfer recovered data from OST file to Office 365, then this can be easily done by the software.

 So, whenever a user receiving the error ‘Encounter a Large Number of Conflict Items With OST File’, then just show your trust in this tool and remove corruption from the OST file and again go back to work.

Few Closing Thoughts

There are many users who are getting ‘Encounter a large number of conflict items with OST file’ error. Therefore, in this write-up, we have discussed the real cause of this issue i.e., corruption in OST file. According to that, the inbuilt utility of Outlook illustrated above. But, due to their downsides, an automated software, OST Recovery Software has described whose function is to remove any level of corruption from the OST file in minimum span of time. 

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