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Essential Facts About Atomic Wallet That You Should Know

The blend of simplicity and power are one of the essential facts about Atomic Wallet and makes it user-friendly. It secures the password in encrypted form.

We all must be familiar with the wallet. It is the one where we keep our money to make payments or to buy something of our choice. But the wallet which we are going to discuss today is not a physical wallet, which we carry on our pockets. Instead, it is a desktop client which supports the number of cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin, XMR, XRP, Dash, BTC, TRX, LTC, XLM, and so many to name. This wallet is called Atomic wallet. If you are new to cryptocurrency and have never been familiar with this type of wallet, then today you will be given all the important facts about Atomic Wallet. So follow the blog till the end.


Facts About Atomic Wallet


The purpose of designing the Atomic Wallet was to become fully part of the decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem and also to make maximum use of atomic swaps. Atomic Wallet can also be understood as multi-currency or custody free cryptocurrencies wallet supporting around than 300 tokens and coins. It facilitates user to buy, exchange and secure cryptocurrencies in an interface, which is user-friendly and is protected by mnemonic seed. Here funds are fully controlled by you. It can be accessed by many operating systems including Android, MacOs, Windows and Linux.


Anonymous And Secured


As mentioned above, a user has full control over his funds. With the use of on-device intelligence in Atomic Wallet, all your private keys are stored on your smartphone or computer. You can feel assured, as it protects your privacy and the password set up by you.


Supporting Multiple Cryptocurrencies


There are other very important facts about Atomic wallet. One such is that it supports more than 300 coins and tokens. A user can manage, secure and even exchange the cryptocurrencies with the use of built-in services. It can be done in one interface, without flocking on to external websites. Adding of any ERC20 token is possibly done in a few clicks and is also get managed. This feature makes Atomic Wallet useful for the user.


Requires Only Regular Network Fee


Atomic Wallet is completely free, which makes the user generating a new wallet address. Only the regular network fee is needed for the payment.


Provides Crypto Buying Option With Easy Exchange


Considering more essential facts about Atomic Wallet is that it allows instant exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies. Simplex is known for powering the in-app buy option which enables the user to purchase cryptocurrencies including XRP, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash with a credit card in a few minutes. Contrary to it, it takes much time in the whole process and needs 2% fee for Atomic charge.  


Available All 24 Hrs


When it comes to full dedication and commitment, then Atomic Wallet support staff is known for working all 24/7. They are always available to help you in times of need. 1 hour is the average reply time.


Is It Safe?


So long you do everything properly, Atomic Wallet can be considered much safe and secure. Being open-source it eliminates the possibilities of bugs and other hidden problems. The critical data, including passwords, are encrypted and are locally stored on your device. But be very cautious, as your funds might be at risk if in case you install the atomic wallet on a computer which is affected by malware or with Wi-Fi networks that are not secured.



Hope this concise facts about Atomic Wallet must have been useful for you. Atomic Wallet is very simple enough for use and is accessible for everyone. It doesn’t need any technical necessity. It is equipped with accessible features; one such is adding custom ERC30 tokens and trading of coins through peer to peer. Atomic Wallet, itself is a PC application which can be downloaded on your computer or smartphone. The private keys and other data stored in your PC are in encrypted form, which indicates complete security. But make sure you don’t download this wallet into a computer which is affected by malware or is connected to the internet having unsecured Wi-Fi network.

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