Razer Sila, the First 5G Router Built for Gaming in New Era: All You Need to Know As a Gamer

Now Asus Razer Come With new one and it packs 5G connectivity called The new Razer Sila 5G Home Router concept was shown off at CES 2020

Bandwidth, graphics, and overall processing power have a huge demand for gamers. Thus, 5G networking is going to be the future of the router industry. Razer is a big player in the consumer gaming hardware and showed off a 5G router at CES. It named the product as Razer Sila 5G Home Router. It is a high-speed networking device that can easily adjust bandwidth for gaming and streaming online content. Thus, you can choose which device on the network should use more bandwidth. It thereby unveiled Razer Kishi a new universal mobile gaming controller. 

The Latest Tech News about Sila 5G Home Router:

Razer Sila was officially launched in 2017 and enjoys a market capitalization of around $1.5 billion. Some of the former employees of Razar criticized the figurehead of this gaming device. They even criticized the way of running the company and aroused a culture of fear with violent threats. Razer Sila 5G Home router is the most exciting concept and the announcement of this year. It has raised a bigger wave of interest in 5G in the consumer market. Thus, Razer is expected to have a notable area in the market of routers. 


This device is built with gamers in mind including features such as ultra-low latency. This feature will be active during stationary as well as mobile gameplay. Razer has built this router on its FastTrack engine that keeps away pings and interruptions from other services and network glitches. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your games to the fullest. 


Moreover, you can easily charge the built-in rechargeable battery outside the home as well. Qualcomm SDX55 + Hawkeye IPQ8072A chipset dynamically optimizes network prioritization for 4G LTE over an 802.11ax 4×4 WiFi connection. Along with this, 2.5Gbps WAN, 4 x 1Gbps LAN and 1 x USB 3.0 ports will be available with this router. Moreover, you can use the SIM slot to connect with the cellular network of your device. 

Moreover, it is possible to control all the aforesaid features through Android and iOS apps. Razer shows off its latest ideas in the annual event at CES. Since Razor is based in Singapore, it developed the Sila 5G in conjunction with the Singaporean government and a telecom company. 

What Has Made Razer Sila 5G Unique?

Sila 5% Home Router has become a game-changer due to the following reasons:

  • This router can sustain low latency and high bandwidth to multiply the gaming experience. 
  • It can differentiate well among gaming systems like consoles and computers. 
  • Moreover, it is capable of addressing some of the limitations posed by cloud gaming. Thus, it is good news for gamers who prefer to have cloud gaming. 
  • Sila 5G allows users to control their settings directly from their mobile apps. 
  • The 5G network is undoubtedly better than a home WiFi setup. 
  • So, if you have a 5G mobile hotspot then, use an app to control and customize this router. 
  • Last but not least, it ensures smooth and stable online connections while playing massive next-gen AAA games. 

Final Thoughts...

Gaming is no longer restricted to traditional consoles and went far away to the cloud. Today, you can download games from the web and access them across computers and mobile devices with ease. Audio and overall responsiveness are the two important elements when it comes to gameplay. Gaming is the most common demo for computing giants like Nvidia, AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm. Such a product launch aims at showing how well a device can work. Razer is a company that builds hardware specifically for the gaming market. Thus, it is obvious for Razer to demonstrate its product at CES. Are you discontented with your existing router then, plan your budget to make Razer Sila an inseparable part of your game. 


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