Newsletter: What It Is and How to Make It Effective

The newsletter is an extremely effective tool for promoting products and services and for informing customers of news, offers and promotions. Here's how to make a really effective one

The newsletter is a very important tool for promoting your products and your business. Those who want to do online marketing , therefore, must necessarily know how to use this tool which, over the years, has managed not to lose its "historical" effectiveness, thanks to the fact that e-mails still play a central role in daily life of people. Let's find out now what are the best tips on how to create a "perfect" newsletter.

What is a newsletter

The term newsletter refers to an e-mail sent periodically to a group of people who have left their address and have explicitly expressed their desire to receive this particular content (generally for interest, need for information and / or updating or need for reminders ). People can communicate to the author at any time that they no longer wish to receive the newsletter. In doing so, the author will be required to remove their contacts from the recipient list.

For those involved in digital marketing, the newsletter is a valuable source of traffic , like social networks and search engines. Generally, on a practical level, it translates into a text with outgoing links that refer to the site or the e-commerce of the business, but in recent years this tool has gradually improved and enriched itself with images , graphics , videos and other multimedia content .

How to create an effective newsletter

The success of sending a newsletter depends on many factors, some of which must be taken into consideration even before the start of the newsletter itself. This is the case, for example, of the phase in which the contacts are collected to send their contents to.

How to get the contacts to send the newsletter to

To be able to use the newsletter tool effectively, particular attention must be paid to the contact collection phase .

Usually, users fill out a form on the site. In some cases, this step can be encouraged by offering the user a " gift " in exchange , ie extra content such as guides , ebooks , reports etc. Offering value to newsletter subscribers is a mandatory rule if you want to make this tool truly effective.

How to send the newsletter

A newsletter is not sent from a normal email client. On the web there are many specific software for newsletters , which allow you to send your content to a list of contacts. The general advice is to carry out tests to find the one most suitable for your business needs.


How to write a newsletter

In most cases, the newsletter software available on the internet provides a dashboard with modifiable modules and templates that make it easier to "pack" the message.

Even before the writing of the newsletter, however, particular attention must be paid to filling in the "subject" field of the e-mail. In fact, it must meet some specific requirements:

  • It must be short, concise and easy to read;
  • It must not contain words that could be interpreted as spam;
  • Must not deceive contact with the content of the newsletter.

The writing of the newsletter depends on its very nature: a newsletter, in fact, can be purely informative and, therefore, have the form of an (multimedia) article or offer discounts and / or offers and, therefore, the text must have a more nature persuasive.

In general, among the tips for writing an effective newsletter, the following stand out:

  • Keep in mind the target audience ;
  • Organize the newsletter in different sections dedicated to the various topics addressed;
  • Maintain a clear and uniform style ;
  • Provide accurate and precise information to neutralize at the origin any possible doubt of the reader;
  • Balance content between information and promotional (basically, the "right" proportion is 90/10).

How to understand if a newsletter works or not

Once the newsletter has been written and sent, it is then necessary to focus on the results analysis phase , with the aim of understanding whether it is effective or not. Among the various data to be kept under particular observation, in this regard, the number of subscribers to the newsletter (and its variations over time), the opening rate of e-mails and the number of clicks obtained stand out.

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