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Everything You Wanted To Know Before Applying For ICICI Bank Credit Card 

ICICI bank stands among the leading private sector banks in India. Founded back in 1994, the bank has been incessantly offering a wide range of financial services and banking products.

ICICI bank stands among the leading private sector banks in India. Founded back in 1994, the bank has been incessantly offering a wide range of financial services and banking products. Its tailor-made products satisfy the unique needs of customers and this can be seen in all of their credit card offers. It’s well-known that credit cards are beneficial in terms of one-time bonuses, rewards, cash back, and finance management. In some cases, the personal finance experts suggest not to use this financial tool for good reasons. But, if used responsibly, one can yield a wide range of benefits in the long run. Speaking of ICICI bank, it offers multiple types of credit cards like ICICI bank coral credit card, ICICI bank platinum chip credit card, and ICICI bank HPCL credit card. However, a lot of people are unable to decide whether they should opt for ICICI bank credit cards or not. So, let’s take a look at the reasons behind choosing ICICI bank credit cards, 

Why You Should Choose ICICI Bank Credit Card: 

ICICI bank’s credit cards cater to the unique needs of customers. They understand the various needs of their customers and pass on the benefits through credit cards. Whether people want to choose credit cards for great rewards, travel, cash back, ICICI bank cater to each of these aspects. Besides, the application process is pretty simple. One can visit the website and check ICICI bank credit card eligibility before applying. If the eligibility criteria match, one can apply for a credit card. However, it’s important to use a credit card responsibly to yield the ultimate benefits. 

Types Of ICICI Bank Credit Cards: 

1.ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card 

If one spends INR 100 for all retail purchases, then he’ll earn 2 payback points. For insurance categories and utilities, if one spends INR 100, then he’ll earn 1 payback point with ICICI bank coral credit card. Alongside, one can get up to 2 move tickets for free if booked through bookmyshow.com. And this offer can be availed twice a month. The benefit of a credit card especially the coral credit card is that it has a flexible rewards program. One can redeem his reward points easily from categories like premium merchandise, travel, and much more. In addition, the cardholder can enjoy a complimentary airport lounge and railway lounge access every quarter. One can apply to get add-on cards for his children, spouse, and siblings. But, in this case, they should be over 18 years of age to be eligible for this ICICI bank coral credit card. There’s only a one-time annual fee of INR 199. Every time people renew the card, they have to pay a fee of INR 99. To be able to obtain this card, one needs to demonstrate a decent credit history. Also, the person needs to be salaried or self-employed with a minimum income of 300,000 per annum. 

2.ICICI Bank HPCL Credit Card

ICICI Bank HPCL credit card offers a myriad range of benefits to the cardholder. One can get exclusive payback points, offers, and dining discounts on a range of transactions. People can use this credit card globally for making payments at outlets that accept MasterCard or visas. The annual fee is reversed if one spends INR 50000 annually.  Also, there are offers on movie tickets. One can get an INR 100 offer on booking these tickets through bookmyshow.com. When transferring an outstanding balance to this ICICI bank HPCL card from other bank’s credit cards, people can enjoy the lower interest rate. This card can be replaced from anywhere across the world using a helpline. The annual and renewal fee is INR 199 per year. One needs to showcase a decent credit history to obtain the card and enjoy its benefits. 

3.ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card 

The platinum chip card contains a security chip that protects the holder against the risk of fraud. There’s a range of benefits one can yield from this platinum chip credit card. This card can also be used for making global payments at outlets that accept MasterCard or visas. Corporates can get their joining fee reversed if they spend an additional INR 2000 within the 60 days after the card is set up. One can save up to 15% on their dining bill at 2500 restaurants across 12 major cities with the help of the ICICI culinary treats program. One can also enjoy lower interest rates and payback in EMIs. However, it’s important to use these cards prudently to avoid being at any financial risks in the long run. But, these credit cards can serve the role of an effective financial tool when used responsibly. 

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