Top Digital Savings Bank Accounts in India-2021

With an ever-evolving technological landscape, a savings bank account has also digitalized over time enabling customers to open and operate the account without visiting the branch physically. While a traditional savings account is a reliable and secure way to preserve hard-earned money, a digital savings account also empowers us to avail a wide range of services and facilities offered by the bank. A digital bank account can easily be opened online with minimum documentation and e-verification through the bank’s official website with your smartphone or tablet.

Scroll down to know about the top digital savings bank account in India.

  1. RBL Bank Digital Savings Account

Equipped with a paperless and contactless account opening facility, RBL Bank is one of the most reliable and trusted private sector banks which offer a substantial rate of interest to its customers on a digital savings account.

Features of RBL Digital Bank Account

  • To avail online account opening facility, the pre-requisites include a valid mobile number, an Aadhaar card, and a PAN card.
  • It offers 24*7 banking facilities to the digital account holders on the go through the ‘RBL MoBank 2.0’ banking mobile app which includes the transferring of funds, checking account statements, placing cheque-book requests, and utility bill payments on time.
  • In addition to providing a higher rate of interest as compared to other lenders, the bank is known for instant money transfers from the online savings account to fixed deposits (FD) as well as mutual funds to maximize your savings.
  • Upon opening a digital savings account with RBL Bank, you are also issued a virtual debit card at no extra cost that can be used for paying online and offline expenses on shopping, food, travel, recharges, bills, etc.
  • RBL bank also offers readily available customer support service to resolve queries of its digital savings account holders.
  1. Axis Bank Digital Savings Account

Offering a video KYC facility from any smartphone or tablet to its customers, Axis Bank provides two types of online savings account – Easy Access and Prime Savings. While the minimum required balance differs for both types of accounts, all the digital account holders are provided a VISA E-Debit card to get up to 1% cashback on all online expenditures. Another benefit of a digital account opening with Axis bank includes availing free membership of Gaana Plus, Zee5, as well as getting discounts on shopping brands.

  1. HDFC Bank Digital Savings Account

Similar to the above-mentioned banks, customers can open an online savings account in HDFC without visiting the branch in person. Within 48 hours of activation of the HDFC InstaAccount, the customers are provided their account number and customer ID along with access to a wide range of online banking services. Opening an HDFC digital savings account also facilitates sending and receiving money, opening a fixed deposit as well as paying bills without any hassle.

Opening a savings account is the start of a life-long relationship with the bank and a digital savings account is the future of banking. Therefore, choose your bank wisely as it will help you build a strong foundation to gain financial stability in the future.

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