Social Distancing Is Rightly Through Digital Payment

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Social distancing was something that was completely unheard of the festivities-loving Indian population. But the pandemic hit too sooner and too hard that the public was forced under lockdown to maintain this new concept. While it was introduced as a physical distancing the digital technology made it one step ahead with a social distancing from cash. When the coronavirus was busy playing havoc, the public raised themselves to solve their daily payment issues through the digital platform.

As per the latest reports, the digital payments, specifically the UPI payments, are at an all-time high. Every day, new members are joining the various digital platforms to make their payments of all kinds. Even when the economy is crumbling in various fields, digitization of the payment methods raised itself above all. Such payment methods allowed someone who was trapped in another state paying for the FastTag online recharge to reach back home. This facility allowed a cashless journey through the tolls and across the states and maintain social distancing.

How the virus changed the field

If it was just a small fraction of the population that used digital mode for the bills prior to the corona-era, now the number is far beyond anyone’s expectations. Such payments had made people be more efficient and productive with less travel to and back from the banks. For someone who forgot to take the wallet when was about to do the BSNL postpaid bill payment physically, they can now pay right at their home, without compromising the social distancing norms. If there was anything that helped people to stay away from each other, it is a digital payment that reduced cash dependency. Otherwise, there would still be more crowds in front of the ATMs and banks.

People started paying their grocery bills to the Tata sky recharge online without having to step out of their comfort zones. It’s the digital payment that enabled the no-contact payment as well as the grocery deliveries possible. Had the public not realized its potency, the virus would have had a better say in this than that has already happened. This forces another point of public awareness and literacy towards the digital payment methods and regarding its safety and security. More measures need to be taken towards the same so that the country as a whole can move forward. 

Social distancing is trending through digitization

During the lockdown, a clear majority in the cities made use of the LPG gas booking facility and paid their bills online to avoid cash transactions. This prompted several more people including the delivery persons to have such payment methods handy so that the customers could pay right when the cylinders were delivered. In one way, the pandemic disrupted life while on the other side forced people to realize the potential of the digitization that could make their lives easier at these difficult times.

It is as such people have understood the difficult times well enough to find their best options to come out of the same. The pandemic did what the gas bill payment offers or bill payment coupons from various operators couldn’t do in a long time. The moment the crisis hit, people let go of the freebies and cashback. They simply chose convenience and the best operator who could provide their best service. 

The worst-hit Mumbaikars could have gladly paid through any online portal for their electricity bills whether it is Adani electricity bill payment online or any other operators for that matter. All of these show that social distancing is not just a necessity but also a new trend that is being maintained through various digital payment modes.

The Bottom Line

Even though social distancing may have distanced the public physically, it has definitely brought them closer through digitizations. Since the major card of digitization is trust in the various vendors and operators who handle it, people are showing better belief in them than they had ever before. If digital payment is not the best way of showing social distancing through trust, nothing else can. For a nation to move forward all these factors including trust is highly essential for the progress and its growth.

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