Explore Creativity: 5 Tips for Styling study room with creative Contemporary Art

The study room is one that requires a focus stimulating environment—the lesser the distractions, the better the productivity. Even if you decide to style the room with art, you must make the right choice. Apart from being enriched with aesthetic value, contemporary art usually allows you that flexibility of provoking relaxing thoughts and influencing your mind in the right direction. 


However, you need to be prudent while selecting contemporary art for essential places like offices and study rooms as it should not disrupt the functionality of the space. It should be attractive or stimulating enough to encourage deep thought but not flashy enough to derail one's thought process. Here are five tips for styling your study room with creative contemporary art:


  1. Choose the right colours:


Colours impact our subconscious to a significant extent, and thus, a lot of our efficiency can be attributed to the colours we see in our space. Use different tones of blue to attain the state of mindfulness and concentration, while also encouraging calm and assured thinking. You can style the sides of the room with tinges of yellow, which is known to boost your self-confidence. You can use moderate amounts of red, but it is advisable not to overuse it as there can be an energy imbalance. 


  1. Use minimalistic art:


It is advisable to use contemporary art that has a moderate amount of shapes and figures. It is to accelerate your thinking process and promote your analysis skills. The expression has never been the focus of minimalism. It usually conveys little to no meaning and is in its simplest or bare form. Ensure that the art piece is not crowded with numerous geometrical figures as this can backfire by inducing anxiety.


Here are some minimalistic art pieces that will be a cool pick for styling.


1.) With my Back to the world- This painting created by Agnes Martin in 1997 is still a standard pick by many art enthusiasts. It is appreciated for its simplicity. It does not invoke any unnecessary feelings but does not compromise in adding décor value to your room

2.) A Walnut Stain- This painting, created by Pierre Soulages in 2004, goes very well with wooden furniture. It adds an organic sense of appeal, making your study room more homely.


  1. Monitor the size of the artwork:


You would not want extra-large artwork around your study room. Although this can be aesthetically overwhelming, it can be very distracting. It would become the constant companion of a daydreamer. Thus, it is advisable that you don't choose something very grand for the styling, and go with something moderate-sized wall paintings .


  1. Avoid using a lot of figurative paintings:


Figurative painting is practised by esteemed artists. Being extremely impressive, it is culturally and traditionally bound. However, people usually choose this art form for decorating their living rooms or bedrooms. For the study room, these paintings should not be overused as they are known to be very expressive and have the power to communicate to you. They can emotionally stimulate you and hamper your productivity. Thus, if chosen rightly, it can complement the thought process, but in case of an unwise choice, it may readily hamper it as well. 


  1. Incorporate mid-century modern elements:


The intricate detailing can always add the final magical touch to transform your workplace or study space. Your study space should be welcoming and pleasant. You can incorporate bohemian elements like layer rugs, woven textures, vintage pieces and plants. Sculptural wood furnishing in your study room also looks extremely attractive. It might stimulate a feeling of development over a period of time, which may unconsciously embed a feeling of self-improvement or development within one's mind and encourage conscious efforts put in for the same. Overall, these elements add a very warm tone to your space.




Contemporary art is known to be flexible and adaptable for modern-day settings. It is neither too flashy nor distracting enough to take away attention from the person working in the room. As it is delightful, it is often picked for home decor. Thus, this motivating and relaxing artwork will surely enhance your study space and will suit the theme of your home as well. 


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