Dental Clinics

Facilities Provided By The Top Dental Clinics

With the safety of the patients being the major concern, the dentists make the facilities as the top priority. Dental health continues to be the major priority in every one’s life. General dentist involves evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases that are related to the oral cavity and also to maintain the function and appearance of the teeth. 

So clinics and dentist dispensaries have major facilities and technologies that take care of the dental care of the patients. Both general and cosmetic dentistry cater to every need related to dental care. Right from the water used and technical experts, everything need to be reported and facilities are top end in every dental clinics. 

Here are some of the facilities rendered by the dental clinics in top dental clinics in Mumbai and other parts of the country:

  • Digital X-ray facility – modern technology has changed the conventional way of taking the dental x-rays at all the dental clinics. With advanced digital radiology facility, dentists use computerized sensors rather than film to capture images of the patient’s teeth. This helps to reduce the exposure of radiation getting exposed on the body. 
  • Mock up or smile analysis facility – with the personal assistance from the dentist, you can analyze your smile. Further they will analyze your appearance of teeth and visibility of the gum to ensure more pressing concerns. This includes screening of decay or infected teeth not appearing while you converse or smile. 
  • 3D plaster analysis – this facility allows to fabricate the facial features and your lip line, jaw angle and symmetry of the eye are examined. 
  • Dental lab facilities – although the other parts required for the teeth treatments are outsourced, the dental lab will be maintained in the clinic. This allows effective treatment to help individuals to have easy access to all the treatment facilities available. 
  • Intra oral camera facility – this is an excellent tool that helps to visualize the teeth infections through the camera inside the mouth. This is a new evolutionary equipment helps to eliminate confusions while treatment process. This is also a painless process and there are no risks of radiation passing through the body. Thus the facility allows you to capture images for better understanding for further treatment. 
  • Pharmacy facility – as the emergency can knock anytime, patient might require medications during the time of treatment and this in house pharmacy facility allows offering medications for patients care. 

Other facilities available in the dental clinics 

  • There are best experienced doctors including cosmetic surgeon, best pediatric dentist in Mumbai, Chennai and other parts 
  • Placement and restoration facilities 
  • Implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral applications for control of sleep apnea
  • Fillings, extractions and root canals treatment facilities 
  • Facilities required for crown, bridges, full and partial dentures, etc. 
  • Facilities for relaxation techniques using nitrous oxide sedation


Dental emergencies can be extremely serious and often requires immediate medical treatment. The dental clinics should contain proper facilities to accept the patients and to give the complete care for them. 


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