Find a good combat partner

If you want to start playing tennis, it would be good to inform some of your friends and colleagues about a couple of weeks before you start taking your lessons with a coach.

"Okay, now that we know what it takes to start playing tennis, how do we start playing?" one can ask. Well, in my previous article, I recommended some things you needed to start playing tennis. One of them was a good training partner. Today, I am going to discuss how you can get a good training partner and introduce you to some of the techniques you will need to start training.

The good combat partner

If you want to start playing tennis, it would be good to inform some of your friends and colleagues about a couple of weeks before you start taking your lessons with a coach. This could be a good way to make a friend you feel comfortable with your training partner. This makes it easier for you to focus more on the game and continue to enjoy your friend's company. You can also choose to advertise your interest in playing tennis on certain social networks on the Internet. Another way to get a training partner is to ask the coaches at your local tennis club to pair it with people who are on the same International Tennis Number rating as you.

Also, you may want to create an ad or poster that you can post on the bulletin board at your local tennis club for a member. When you finally get a training news GH, find time to meet with them personally so that you can both visit the court together. It is also recommended that you organize a suitable day in the week to have your first training session.

Techniques for combat

If this is your first time stepping on the tennis court, you may feel overwhelmed by your inability to play as a mentor that you will likely see on television. Your experience could consist of one or all of the following: you can be all over the place chasing balls, going round and round in circles during a ball's return, hit some really tall balls that can even go over the fence and through these reasons you may feel ashamed. The good news is that this is how everyone starts! That is why you need a training partner who has the same ranking position as you. In this way, they can motivate and encourage each other as they go along.

The first technique you should try could be playing the ball in the middle of the court. This technique improves ball control and helps you play in the direction you want instead of anywhere on the court.

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o Ghana's hot spots

The main tourist attractions in Ghana are mainly historical castles and fortresses. Apart from this, you should not miss the visit to the traditional fishing village and if you want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Accra, you must observe the "Fantasy Coffins" in Teshie Nungua.

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Places to Visit in Ghana

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Bia National Park
Kakum Natural Park
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Mole Game Reserve
Bui national park
Rainforests, etc.
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Weather conditions in Ghana

Ghana has been observed to remain warm throughout the year. However, the tropical climate comes with tropical rain. Therefore, it is better to avoid the months of April, May and June. Northern Ghana is relatively hotter, so it is best to avoid including this place in Ghana vacation packages.

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