Message: “No new transactions”

Fix QuickBooks Error Message: “No new transactions” while importing web connect file

Discovered an error Message: "No new transactions" or "There are no new transactions accessible" while bringing in a web connect file


Discovered an error Message: "No new transactions" or "There are no new transactions accessible" while bringing in a web connect file and incapable of choosing what to do? All things considered, need not to stress, as we have concocted this article, where we will discuss the causes and fixes to the error on new transactions while bringing in a web interface file from a monetary establishment's site. 

Explanations for the event of the Message: “No new transactions” issue 

The client can wind up in the no new transaction issue, because of the accompanying components: 

  • On the off chance that the web interface file doesn't contain any new transactions 
  • Or then again if the transactions have just been imported 
  • Another explanation can be if the web associate proclamation covers dates recently brought into the company file 
  • Additionally, if the QuickBooks file gets harmed by one way or another 

Prescribed answers for QuickBooks Web Connect Import Error Message: "No New Transactions" 

The no new transaction error in QuickBooks while bringing in the web interface file can be fixed by following any of the underneath referenced techniques. Allow us to start and investigate every one of the processes individually: 

Arrangement 1: Download a test company file 

The client is prescribed to make a test company file and afterward download bank feed transaction, to check if the is with the company file, the bank account, or the web interface file. The means associated with this process are as per the following: 

  • From the outset, the client needs to choose the new company tab from the file menu 
  • And afterward, select express beginning or start arrangement tab 

Arrangement 2: Checking the dates 

Under this strategy, the client needs to guarantee that the date range for the imported web interface file is right and doesn't cover. For example, in the event that the client has effectively downloaded and imported transactions for August 1-30, at that point the client needs to guarantee that the date range for the current download is September 1 and later. 

Arrangement 3: Switching to the register mode 

Another strategy to settle on is to change to the register mode. The means to be followed under this technique are: 

  • The client needs to initially move to the inclinations tab from the edit menu 
  • And afterward, select checking and move to the company inclinations tab 
  • Now, in the bank takes care of area, the client ought to pick exemplary mode 
  • What's more, hit OK tab 

Arrangement 4: Reviewing the web associate download for errors 

The client can likewise attempt to audit the web associate download for issues. This should be possible as follows: 

  • At this stage, the client should download and save .qbo file to the desktop 
  • And afterward, edit the file by right clicking on it and opening it with scratch pad 
  • The next advance is to audit the download for basic errors 
  • And furthermore eliminate the invalid characters and checking the file for ampersands and other invalid character strings. 
  • The client is then needed to add or edit missing data. Additionally, all the labels ought to have data, so make a point to watch that 
  • In the event that the payee name field surpasses the character limit, at that point the excess payee data may show up in MEMO filed.
  • QuickBooks can't auto-coordinate payee data showing up in the MEMO field. These directions need to manually count. 
  • In any case, on the off chance that the QBO file is feeling the loss of the bank identification data, the transaction won't be imported 
  • Under this, the client should click on the QuickBooks version to discover the data for the bank 
  • And afterward press Ctrl + F keys to look for the banks official name. The client should take note of the 5 digit number 
  • Followed by saving the .qbo file 
  • And furthermore, making a backup of the data file prior to bringing in 
  • The client should test bringing in the adjusted .QBO file into the test file made 
  • And afterward, report the arranging errors to the bank 

Arrangement 5: Deactivating, making new, blending and afterward reactivating 

This strategy can be selected if the above techniques neglected to work. This should be possible as follows: 

  • The client needs to initially deactivate the bank takes care of for an account 
  • And afterward make another bank account 
  • This should be possible by choosing graph of accounts from the rundowns menu 
  • And afterward, right clicking anyplace and choosing new in the diagram of accounts window 
  • The next advance is to choose bank for the account type 
  • And furthermore, enter the name of the bank 
  • The last advance here is to choose save and close 
  • The client needs to then consolidation the two accounts by renaming the old account with the name of the new account 
  • After that correct click the old account and pick edit 
  • Followed by composing the name of the new account 
  • Furthermore, choosing yes when required
  • The last advance is to set up the consolidated account for bank takes care of 

Substitute strides to be followed 

On the off chance that the above techniques didn't work by any means, at that point you can do these means: 

  • Connect with the bank 
  • The bank is liable for the QBO download formant and content. On the off chance that the file isn't designed appropriately, at that point the import into QuickBooks may think of sudden outcomes or neglect to import 
  • Additionally, the banks have a support channel: All US and Canadian banks that at present support download or import into QuickBooks have vendor service concurrence with Intuit 
  • For better help, the client is prescribed to address a bank delegate acquainted with QuickBooks internet banking and account actuation 
  • The client may have to give the bank the specific message and a duplicate of the file with issues for audit 


Before the finish of this article, it is normal that the client may be effectively ready to dispose of the issue expressing "no new transactions" while bringing in web associate file. In any case, on the off chance that the error proceeds even after the endeavors, all things considered it is recommended to counsel a group of experts immediately. 

You can get going a discussion with our QuickBooks enterprise specialized support group of experts and request that they settle the issue for your sake. Our specialists will gladly help you.


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