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Four Ways to Maintain the Look of your Roof

Roofs are the most vital part of any house. It significantly affects the appearance of the property, and its condition influences the energy bills and safety of your home and family. 

Contrary to the common belief, roof maintenance is a relatively easy task and can be accomplished by homeowners. Just a little effort and it's good to go. Some of the DIYs don't require years of experience or any of the complex equipment. However, a certain level of precision is necessary. 

Our roof restoration expert roofers have outlined tips you need to follow to secure your roof's functionality and aesthetics. 

Maintenance Tools

Before going into the tips to maintain the look of your roof, let us first take a glance at the tools that might be required for doing so. Right tools will let you accomplish the task faster. 

  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Gloves
  • Roofing Cement 
  • Galvanised Roofing Nails
  • Soft to medium bristle broom
  • Roof Cleaner Solution
  • Tree trimmer

Climbing onto the roof to carry out maintenance works can be risky and should be done with due safety standards in place. If you aren't sure of doing it yourself, it is best to contact professional roofing contractors in Melbourne.

Tips for Roof Maintenance 

Our experts outline some of the crucial roof maintenance tips which doesn't involve much risk. It's simple, and one should indulge in regular roof maintenance work for their home. 

  • Remove Debris

 Simple clearing of debris from your roof can be quite useful. 

  • It helps prevent water build-up and pooling across the roof.
  • Debris increases the weight to your roof, often leading to saggy roofs or at times total failure. Removing it will help reduce the burden on the roof. 


  • Avoid Using powder detergent/washer for your roof. 
  • Using a high-pressure stream of water to clean may damage the outer layer of your roof, irrespective of its roofing material. In the case of metal roofs, it can also cause dents and affect the coating of the roof.  
  • Harsh bristle brooms can damage the roof coating of your Colorbond roof. With Tiled roof, it may wear out the roof tiles quicker than otherwise. It may also tamper the roof cement at flashings and other junctures.


  •   Remove Moss, Algae and Fungus

Moss, Fungus and Algae grow mostly in the moist and humid climate. If left unattended, it may affect the health of your family living in the house. 

For removing it from your roof, use a solution formed by mixing equal parts of bleach and water. Spray the solution over the affected areas. It will help you clean your roof and restore its former glory.

  •  Inspect Roof Flashings

The majority of roof leaks occur due to damaged or degraded flashings of the roof. Flashings around the chimney and vents have higher chances of degradation and need to ensure it's sealed with a watertight seal. 

Apart from that, if you notice pores over the flashings of your roof, it can be fixed with roofing cement. In order to patch up:

  • Clear the area of any debris.
  • Use a sandpaper or wire brush to roughen the area around the pores or holes. 
  •  Take a piece of roofing material larger than the hole and paste it with the help of cement.
  • Cover it with a layer of cement. 


  • Remove Stagnant Water

Water pools over the roof can cause leaks and often weaken the roofing material. Water pooling is usually the problem with flat roofs. The lack of slope and sufficient sunlight allows water to stay.

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