Free Vedic birth chart with interpretation and Rasi chart

Get free Vedic chart online to know planetary position in your rasi chart & accurate solution for life complication with Vedic astrology chart interpretation.

Natal chart astrology is the process of studying a person's life according to their past. Therefore, the study mainly focuses on various houses and planetary positions that profoundly affect human life. Vedic chart analysis also helps the individual to take corrective action where necessary to ensure a productive life.

What is a Free Birth chart analysis?

Simply, the birth chart online explains where the planets were in the sky at the date and time of your birth. “This is a snap or outline of the position of planetoids or stars at the time you were born,” says the Vedic astrology interpretation. every aspect of life.

Basically, this means that we all have personality traits of different zodiac signs in our best birth chart analysis, and they correspond to different areas of our life. For example, Venus is the the planet that rules relationships, so if your Venus is in, for example, Scorpio, it means that you embody these traits in your birth chart compability, that is, passionate, intense, loyal, and long-lasting.

How to read the Vedic astrology chart?

To get a Vedic astrology birth chart analysis, you need the date, the exact time (accurate to the minute, if possible), and the place where you were born.

Free birth chart analysis can provide you with detailed information about your birth chart and create a horoscope based on that personalized information, or you can use an online astrology Vedic chart. However, “Birth chart calculator tell the whole story, and an expert reading of your chart can shed light on all of your actions,” he says. “birth chart in Vedic astrology see everything in front of them: just like patterns, needs, human behavior.

And I think that, especially in relationships, people have problems because they go after people who don't meet their needs. Look at the astrologer. can help someone identify their needs, and it may be something that they are not consciously aware of or not aware of. "

What are the main components of a Rasi Chart?

As the Vedic astrology chart interpretation said, the rasi chart tells you where each planet was at the time of your birth, and each planet governs a different aspect of your life. You have a sun sign that you mean when you read your horoscope; it essentially describes who you are in essence.

However, your moon sign is important because it speaks to your emotional self and the care you received as a child. “It has to do with the needs of your relationship and what you need in adulthood,” notes a free Vedic birth chart with interpretation. Your ascending sign is based on the constellation that was in the sky at the time of your birth and shows how people perceive you when they first meet you.

Other planets also describe various features of your life: Mercury is communication; Venus is a relationship; Mars is action and aggression; Jupiter - expansion; Uranus - innovation and progress; Saturn is self-discipline and fear; Neptune - subconsciousness and healing; and Pluto is strength and intensity.

By knowing which sign each planet belongs to, you will recognize their traits, tendencies, and behaviors that will show you their strengths and what you need to work on. To know more about the Vedic astrology chart visit or call us at +91-9776190123

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