Freelance Writers - How the Competition Can Increase Your Income

New freelance writers often worry about competition; they fear it. But really, competition is a good thing. And, it can even make you more money as a freelance writer. How/why? For three insights, read on.

Hit the Ground Running: What is ostensibly your competition - eg, other freelance writers - allow you to hit the ground running when you first start your freelance writing career.

For example, let's say you were trying to decide what to charge - a common conundrum for many freelance writers, new and experienced. All you have to do is research the sites of other freelance writers to find out what they're charging. Then, come up with a pricing scale based on that. You can have this done in a couple of hours.

Now imagine if you didn't have the "competition" of other freelance writers out there. You'd probably scratch your head for months trying to come up with a fee scale.

Determine What's Profitable and What's Not: By researching other freelance writer sites and popular freelance writing forums, you can easily find out which niches are high paying, and which are not.

Why is this important? When you're just starting out, many long-time freelance writers say it's easier to land freelance writing jobs if you pitch yourself as a niche writer first. You can also find out other things about freelance writing niches, eg, what's low and what's high pay or pay for essay online; what services to offer; what are standard turnaround times; etc.

Your freelance writing competition is a veritable wealth of information when you're trying to pitch yourself as a niche writer.

Trend Watching: One of the most valuable ways other freelance writers can help you make more money is to bring profitable trends to your attention.

For example, until a few years ago, very few knew about SEO copywriting (aka article writers, web content providers, SEO writers). But, as it became more and more popular, other freelance writers began to ask what it was, how much to charge which services to offer, etc. Now, experienced SEO copywriters who know how to market themselves can routinely bill $200-$500/day - just writing simple SEO articles.

Why SEO Copywriters are in High Demand

Online marketing experts say that approximately 100,000 new websites go live every day. And, what do they all need? Content - and lots of it. When you consider that many internet users - and even many freelance writers - don't even know what SEO writing is, it is a real lucrative niche for those that do.

Competition Among Freelance Writers Is Really a Benefit, Not a Hindrance

The amazing thing about those who precede you is that they offer a wealth of information. Hence, competition among freelance writers is a beautiful thing that should be a source of inspiration, not consternation.

Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Income Today
1. Make a List of Clients You Haven't Contacted in Six Months... and Contact Them

2. Create an Introductory Package

3. Boost Your Blurb(s)

4. Write an Article to Promote Your Writing Services

5. Outline an Ebook for Ongoing Income

6. Contact a Client a Day (No Clients? Contact 25 Prospects a Day)

7. Get a Mentor

8. Read Five Magazines You've Never Read Before

9. Create a New Blog for One of Your Writing Services

10. Create a List of Affirmations, and Use Them

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