FSSAI License for Fast Food Joints

FSSAI on License for Fast Food Joints

In India FSSAI License or registration is a mandatory process for all the fast food joints. It is category of regulation which ensures the quality of food products which is being manufactured, distributed and stored by a food business.

At the present time, Fast Food joints business is the most popular business. On a daily basis, people are starting businesses which are related to fast food which is served quickly and is affordable. Fast food joints are the joints which are involved in manufacturing, packaging, processing, selling and distributing of fast food. It is essential that all the Fast Food Joints are stocking up eatables that are not adulterated and for consumption. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) keeps a check on the food quality and it constantly monitors and provide guidelines to food businesses to ensure that the food is safe for human consumption.

The FSSAI License Guidelines in India

The FSSAI license for fast food business is one of the essential requirements to start a food business in India. Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS) is a modernized version of Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) which is an online portal under FSSAI for registration application for food businesses.

FoSCoS is incorporated with FSSAI’s other existing online platforms such as Food Safety Compliance through Regular Inspection and Sampling (FoSCoRIS), for the regulation of food safety guidelines.

The FSSAI license is issued under FSS (Licensing & Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations of 2011. FSSAI License contains a distinctive 14 digit license number which is specified for manufacturers, traders and producers dealing with Fast Food Joints which should compulsorily be mentioned on the food packages.

The purpose is that it gives a guarantee that the food products are quality efficient, safe and not adulterated and that substandard product is not used while producing or trading with it.

What are the key licenses required for Fast Food Business in India?

Below is the list of key licenses that are required for fast food businesses:-

  • FSSAI License or the Food Business Operating License

This license is the prime essential license which a food business owner needs in order to start the food business. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is authorised body to issue this license.

  • Shop and Establishment License

This Shop and Establishment License is applicable both for restaurants and food trucks. This license is city specific.

  • Eating House License

This license is granted by the licensing police commissioner of the city where the food business owner wants to run the business.

  • Certificate of Environmental Clearance 

The fast food joint and the restaurant both have to make sure that they are ethically and legally bound to look after the environment and that their business must not harm the environment in any way. Hence, obtaining the Environmental Clearance Certificate is mandatory.

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)

The NOC is necessary to be acquired by the Food Business Operator from the RTO and also from the Local Municipal Corporation.

  • License from the Fire Department

Fire Department License is necessary as it ensures safety and protection from fire, the restaurants and the food trucks are obligated to acquire this license.

  • Commercial Vehicle License

Where the FBO is running the fast food joint on truck, the operator must ensure to acquire this license which is issued by the RTO and also acquire any other essential vehicle license as per the requirement.

Why is Food License essential before running a Food Business?

Fast Food Joints license is a necessity for any FBO before starting any food or food related business. After obtaining food license food businesses enjoy legal benefits and as well as several benefits which are as follows:


In India FSSAI License or registration is a mandatory process for all the fast food joints. It is category of regulation which ensures the quality of food products which is being manufactured, distributed and stored by a food business. Fast food joint is one of the rising businesses in India and it has a very significant part in generating developing India’s GDP and providing employment. But at the same time it is very essential to regulate food business for maintaining the quality of food products that are consumed by public.

Therefore, the FSSAI is the regulation body to administer the food safety management and it works closely with food business operators to ensure the quality of the food that is accessible to public is safe for consumption in order to protect the public health. For this reason, FSSAI has made the license process compulsory and the absence of license attracts penalty and without it they can shut down the food business.

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