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Full Guide To Chosen The Ideal Fridge For Your Family

Believing about upgrading your refrigerator, but don't know where to start? Here's a detailed purchasing guide to buying the best Fridge for your house.

Believing about upgrading your refrigerator, but don't know where to start? Here's a detailed purchasing guide to buying the best Fridge for your house.

Times Points

For years, Fridges have been regarded as the boxy, dull behemoths of this kitchen, and buying one was very simple with minimal options available on the market. Because of this, today, you can find an ever-increasing selection of color and design options, smartly designed units designed to disappear into your decor, and a wide variety of new intelligent features, including the ones that are aimed to give your kitchen a complete makeover by behaving as a refrigerator and an entertainment hub.

In the end, discovering a suitable fridge is about understanding your personal needs and asking the right questions, so let's begin with:

What is your budget?

Naturally, the price tag is one of the most critical deciding factors while purchasing a new fridge. To start with, calculate an estimate of how much you want to spend. An essential Hitachi fridge can cost in the assortment of taka 15,000 to taka 50,000. That is a long-term investment, so the budget ought to take that into account.

Assess the Cost

Required Ability

The capacity of a fridge is measured in liters. With the tech industry's advancement, the machine's capacity range has grown from the lowest potential to the maximum at an exponential rate. For you to determine your requirement, one key factor needs to be considered -- the size of your loved ones. This limits the number of meals you will be staying in your fridge.

For Example, if you are a household of two or three people, a 150 to 250-liter fridge should suffice. On the other hand, for a more prominent family of four to five members, you might want to go for a 250 to 500-litre one. But if it is a household, a 250 into 350-liter fridge ought to be significant enough.

Besides, you possess fridges with capacities of 40 to 100 liters which are the best fit if you live alone. Sometimes, you might require a higher power despite not having many family members, so it's always a good idea to consider your requirements in detail before picking the potential.

Assess the capacity


All fridges have excellent airflow inside their compartments. When it comes to direct fantastic options, this circulation is carried out through natural convection, without outside support. A significant drawback of this procedure is uneven distribution, which leads to the forming of ice in the fridge.

Thus, you will have to defrost the fridge at fixed intervals manually. A few benefits of this technology are that such fridges are inexpensive and have less power.

On the other hand, you will find Frost Free Fridges. As the name implies, with frost-free fridges, there's no smoke or freeze to deal with. These fridges circulate the cool air evenly with the support of electronic fans.

This way does not allow ice to form inside the compartments and hence doesn't subject your food to freezer burn. But they're more expensive than direct cool fridges and consume more power due to their lovers' usage.

Required Door Design

The next step in picking out the best fridge is to decide the doorway style or the fridge type. Some favor a French-door fridge for the sleeker profile and wider drawers and shelves, and others prefer to go for a side-by-side model for its more extensive freezer section.

Single Door: Among the most typical sorts of fridges, this type of refrigerator is often best-suited for one person or a family of 2. These fridges have just one entry for the refrigerator and the freezer. They have a much short body and an average ability of between 165 and 280 liters.

Considering The dimensions, single-door fridges have restricted shelves. Concerning cooling technology, most single-door fridges include a manual defrosting freezer in which you have to press a button manually to defrost the ice. The cost of single-door fridges is often anywhere between taka 15,000 and taka 25,000, based on the features available.

Double Door:

They're the most popular fridges, where the freezer is located above the main fresh-food storage compartment. Deep freezer has a lot more space and is most appropriate for households with four or five members. Double-door fridges usually arrive with a capacity of 235 to 415 liters. As compared to single-door fridges, double-door fridges require more energy to work. However, gratitude to energy-efficient star ratings, you can pick double-door fridges that use less current. In easy terms, there is no information, and there's no need for defrosting.

Check out the complete range of Dual Door Fridges here.

Bottom-freezer design is to catch up with Bangladesh's tendency and one of the Bangladeshi consumers. Still, some manufacturers provide double door fridges where the freezer is located at the bottom. The significant benefit of fridges with bottom freezer is they have a slightly bigger and deep freezer.

Another advantage of underside freezers is convenience. The critical fresh food storage area is the more often used part for many people, whereas the freezer is relatively more limited. Your fridge will be at the focus level. This delivers it a lot more straightforward to locate commonly utilized items like vegetables, milk, and other widely used food items. Even though a bottom-freezer unit does have many advantages, there are not too many versions out there on the market.

These varieties of fridges have a bottom-mounted freezer and open like a drawer with two half-width doors. Typically, French door fridges vary from 28 to 36 inches concerning width.

In addition to bringing a contemporary look and texture to space, a French door refrigerator also reduces the escape of cool air. Even though nearly all of them have a drawer-style freezer, some models have French doors for the freezer area.

Side-By-Side Fridge:

Side-By-Side units divide your refrigerator right down the middle, providing you with frozen foods on the left and new food items on the best. Some models offer equivalent space for the two segments, but most feature an excess few inches to the refrigerator. This can make for a remarkably narrow freezer part.

Side-by-side units come in various versions and tend to boast more features than their horizontally constructed top and bottom freezer sockets. A number of these attributes aim to save space, especially when it comes to the shelving within the doors. Side-by-side units also don't require as much clearance to open the doors, making them ideal for thin kitchens. Due to the vertical split, you will probably want to go with the broadest model, which will fit into your kitchen, and your budget. They're enormous with enough capacity for a household of six or seven associates. Most side-by-side fridges usually come with a potential of 530-710 liters.

More Options:

Smart Fridge: Like all other tech gadgets, an intelligent refrigerator connects to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection and gives additional features not offered in a typical refrigerator. This refrigerator can quickly understand what type of food you've saved indoors, control internal temperature, and even create a shopping list. Then many others perform music for you as you're preparing in the kitchen. These high-end fridges also help voice verification and come with several apps.

Mini Fridge: They're fantastic for beverages, snacks, and perishable items. The benefit of compact fridges is that they don't require many terms. Mini fridges are ready with a range of 50-90 liters.

Door Pattern

Since you will use your fridge every day, the finish and style may have a massive influence in enhancing your kitchen area's entire look. Hitachi refrigerator has a fresh appearance that perfectly blends with your area interiors. Stainless steel is the most popular end among consumers, though keep in mind that it will not hold magnets. Some new fridges also come with a black stainless steel finish, which isn't just easier to maintain but also less cluttered. You again go with bold colors such as red, though such finishes are not available on high-end versions.

Check out the entire selection of Layout.

Required Compressors

Compressors help in keeping the temperatures inside the fridge. One ought to note that smaller fridges typically come with general compressors, while medium and large-sized fridges ship with inverter compressors.

General compressor

These Compressors start at very high speeds and continue operating at a constant rate. Even if there is no cooling, this system will keep working at precisely the same pace and convert off when they reach the optimum heating amount.

Inverter compressor

Inverter Compressors are flexible and possess a much-varying rate based on the amount of cooling that's required. They start at low speeds and accelerate only when there's a reduction in the cooling system. This permits them to be energy-efficient.

Features to watch out for

Fridges have come a long way since the debut of the egg holder along with the butter bin. Nowadays, you will get a wide variety of features designed to bring a whole new performance level to your refrigerator. By the continuous parade of trademarked names and bold parts, locating the characteristics you want can become unforgettable.

For instance, we have seen one trend over the last couple of years: creativity from the water dispenser. Thus, look out for features that matter to you after the day.

Energy Efficiency

While purchasing a new Refrigerator, always look for the Energy Star label, which tells you how much electricity the fridge consumes per unit. The more the star score, the lesser will be its electricity consumption. A 5-star fridge costs more than a 3-star. However, this will assist cut down overall values in the extensive-term.

Brand Warranty

As most fridges include a limited warranty period, it's highly advisable to choose a brand that offers an additional guarantee on the refrigerator. There are opportunities that an extended warranty may not be free of cost, however. Samsung fridge supply extended contracts on fridges.

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