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Plan for People and Purpose When Choosing Office Furniture

Finding the right furniture for your office can be challenging. You are meeting your needs for comfort and functionality and the needs of all of your colleagues and office mates. If you’re in charge of making decisions about the furniture in your office, this post and the versatility of Safco products are just for you. Consider these tips and tricks to suit the needs of all different kinds of workers while setting up a productive workspace that is both functional and flowing. 


Safco products office chairs come in standard sizes and in big and tall. Stools and task chairs are available in standard plastic and vinyl offerings, as well as metallic options. Swivel, hydraulic lift and release, and ergonomic supports come standard in many models. Be sure to choose to seat for the purpose it will serve. If several engineers are drafting collaboratively, stools may be the best choice. If you decide to seat for a board meeting, more oversized adjustable chairs with ergonomic lumbar supports are a more sensible choice. 

An exciting and more flexible seating design is the Safco Zenergy Ball chair that comes in bright green, red, or black and adds an element of playfulness to the design of an office. Zenergy ball chairs can also come with a swivel function. The premise is that the ball is an exercise ball that can be inflated to the user’s desired comfort with a cover over it. Zenergy balls are stationed on four sturdy legs. Zenergy balls support better posture and increase latent core muscle engagement while also helping more mobile workers stay focused. These chairs can also be easily moved for collaboration or impromptu meetings.


Follow the same rule when choosing desks for the office. Choose desks based on the purpose they will serve. First, consider the size of the employees that will be using the desks. There is truly little worse than knocking your knees on a too-small desk when trying to focus on work diligently. Pay attention to measurements. If you are unsure about what size desk an office mate might need, air on the side of caution and order above average size or adjustable desks to suit the needs of everyone and to prepare for future employees. 

Safco products also has many options when it comes to desks. Traditional and table desk setups are available in addition to mobile and standing adjustable desks. Training tables and drafting tables with flexible options are popular for larger, more tactile projects that require a bigger picture view of the work at hand. Engineers often learn on training and drafting tables and return to these surfaces with regularity in the workplace. 


It can be easy to overlook that break rooms also require furniture and storage to keep areas clean and presentable. But, a terrific way to make change more palatable is to add nuanced kindness. Safco products has plenty of utility cabinets to outfit a breakroom precisely the way your office mates see fit. If you’re looking to increase office morale, there are also options for mobile refreshment carts to wheel around mid-day to lift office spirits. 

Engineer Supply can meet your office furniture needs. Check office furniture off your list with these tips and the best Safco products for your office. 

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