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Future Lash Treatments - Here’s What You Can Expect!

To look gorgeous while taking all the necessary precautions, book your eyelash extensions service appointment as soon as possible.

With the coronavirus on the spread since last year, we have adapted to new norms of living. From sanitizing ourselves everywhere we go to wearing masks at all points, the beauty world has also taken a blow since the pandemic. On a brighter note, this has also given the local and high-end salons new ideas to function more efficiently.

Here are some points about what you should possibly expect from your next eyelash extensions

Book Ahead

We often book our lash treatments in advance, but sometimes we also visit the salon without prior notice. Well, sorry to break it to you! Those days are gone! Especially during the pandemic, to avoid unnecessary gathering, salons have waiting lists and have strict policies which ask the clients to book at least a few days ahead. However, if you are really unable to turn up, some even help you to reschedule. No matter if you are a newbie or a regular, you just have to wait your turn! And this won’t change anytime soon!

One client at a time

Turning up to your salon for your eyelash extensions ahead of time and just waiting around, reading a magazine is a thing of the past! Due to the recent events, the salons will ask their clients to either strictly adhere to their appointment timings or they might have to wait in their car and avoid any gathering. This can also be a helpful strategy to run the business smoothly and in an organized fashion. Also, the time you will spend waiting in your car will only ensure your hygiene. Why? Salons will use this time to thoroughly clean and sanitize the workstation to avoid contamination of any sort. 

New Policies

Yes, ladies! We are talking about new rules and they are getting stricter than ever! Keeping your health and others in mind, the best professional eyelash extension salon-like Wisp Lashes follows every hygienic step including sanitizing their stations as well as the clients before working.  

Moreover, you can also expect rules like wearing masks at all times. Salons in the future might also ask you to wear PPE kits to avoid further cross-contamination as well. Moreover, salons might also ask the clients to wear PPE kits while entering the salons. The chances are you will be provided with one every time you come in for your Lash extensions. And yes! Your artist will also have protective clothing on during the treatment. 

However, if you are looking forward to that fresh drink or that free coffee every time you visit your salon, well, it’s time to say goodbye! Yes! Salons will probably stop offering beverages at all and might just ask you to bring your own drink as long as it is bottled!

Better Hygiene

On the brighter side, Wisp Lashes salon always takes high-end measure when it comes to the client’s well-being. To take it up a notch, you will be asked to check your temperature before entering the salon and your appointment might also vary if you have a higher body temperature. Also, you will be asked to wash and sanitize yourself before going in for your appointment. 

New Payment Options

To stop the spread of the virus and keeping safety measures in mind, salons will also shift to new payment methods, mostly cashless. While most of the salons have a card machine, it is recommended to ask your salon about the payment options before going in to avoid any trouble. 

Reschedule if unwell

Given the concurrent situation, Wisp Lashes also encourage their clients to cancel if they are feeling under the weather. You should never compromise with your health and others too!. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait for days on the waiting list! They provide smooth assistance and also reschedule your appointment in case there are some health hazards involved. 


Are you looking for a safe, hygienic, and professional eyelash extension service? Well, Wisp Lashes is the perfect destination for you. They follow all the safety guidelines and make sure your safety comes first followed by an exceptional service!

However, it is also our duty to adhere to the policies and accept the new normal to stop the spread of coronavirus and look forward to the way things once were before! 

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