Glam and glow – Genius makeup hacks you need to know

Take a look at these trust-worthy makeup tricks and tips to slay your makeup game.

Take a look at these trust-worthy makeup tricks and tips to slay your makeup game.

The makeup game is getting stronger every day, with which it is also assumed that good makeup has to be expensive, time – consuming and requires a specialist to put it to best use. Is it true? Not at all! Knowing the right makeup tricks would surely save you time, money, and you will look more glam than ever. Whether you are looking to hide a zit with concealer or to fix common problems like smudging or fading, we have rounded up a few best makeup tips and tricks to fix your confusion. Give these hacks a try and thank us later.

  1. Colour correction

Whether it is an active pimple/acne or any blemishes, colour correction technique can always help you get that flawless makeup look. Try buying a purple, red and green colour corrector according to your need. Green colour will help you hide any active acne or pimple, while red or dark shades will help you hide the dark spots, marks and blemishes. Apply concealer over them to get full coverage.

  1. Eyeshadow tips for bigger eyes.

Got smaller eyes? While we are sure they look gorgeous, there are days when you want to make them look bigger. A white or nude liner gives a dramatic difference to your eyes.  Define the crease by blending it upwards and don’t forget to highlight your brow bone to

make your eyes pop.

  1. Use a blender to step up your foundation game.

The common makeup routine that everyone follows is to apply blush after you do the Foundation base. Here’s a hack that will give you the glow that looks like coming from beneath your skin. Try applying a cream blush to your cheeks before you apply foundation. A bright, warm pink shade is what we suggest, as it suits every complexion.

  1. Beauty Blender Sponge

For a seamless look, always choose a makeup sponge over a foundation brush. A makeup sponge blends your makeup perfectly and leaves your skin with an even-toned look. The trick is to dab the blender and not rub it on your skin to give it a smooth finish.

  1. Makeup fixer

A makeup fixer is the most important product for keeping your makeup long-lasting and smudge-free. These makeup fixers are mostly transparent and come in both dewy and matte finish. Choose it according to whichever look you want. We suggest a matte spray for a subtler look.

Golden rules for prepping up before applying your makeup:

  • Start with rubbing an ice cube on your face to shrink pores and reduce puffiness if any.
  • Always use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Use a primer for best results.
  • Don’t forget your lip balm

We have spilt the secrets, Go get ready gorgeous!

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