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Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Thanks to a troublesome 2020, brands were unable to take big calls on their design philosophies. After all, it would have been a big risk to try and tweak the brand identity with so much chaos already hampering the everyday lives of people.

But that was 2020, and whatever happened then is now past. That’s one great thing about graphic design- new years bring new opportunities, and considering how ‘boring’ 2020 was, this year will surely lend a new lease of life into graphic design.

With 2021 underway now, graphic designing companies will be incorporating a number of new trends that they feel will define this year. It’s the start of a new decade and the trends here on will actually form a foundation of graphic design trends that will govern the subsequent years.

Graphic Design Trends for 2021

To close what graphic design is all about, it’s the design process through which something simple and mundane gets transformed into something catchy and conveys a message. 

Below are the trends that you will find very visible in graphic design services this year-  

  • More Use of Muted Colors

As far as appearance goes, muted colors have actually been a rage and will continue to be so this year as well.

If you are not aware of muted colors, they are your usual bright hues, but without their spark basically. These colors are infused with white or black to take their vibrant nature off. 

Muted colors bring in a degree of simplicity with their understated nature, giving the viewers a feeling of relaxation due to their natural appeal as well.

  • Preference to Designs with Geometric Shapes

A number of brands all over the world have started making use of geometric shapes in their designs. This is pretty far from the preference for abstract designs till the previous year.

In all honesty, while there was nothing wrong with abstract shapes being used, geometric shapes are perceived to represent more consistency and an organized approach. 

While images may not be consistent in their style, the embedding of geometric designs still brings uniformity to every design.

  • Incorporation of Psychedelia 

Psychedelia art is an art form that draws heavy inspiration from hallucinations and was a rage during the 1960s. This same form has found preference again, as it tends to symbolize freedom and positive energy in its essence. 

2021 will witness graphic designing companies making use of such intricate designs to put their intentions out to the world. In fact, these designs tend to be so delicate that it won’t be a repetitive observation the second time, or even the third time when you watch it. 

  • Harmonious Surrealism

Surrealism is a polite word to describe something that combines two random elements to come up with a design that is beyond the natural scheme of things. 

Designers are using surrealism today by blending two things to come up with designs that are, well, there’s no other way to put it- strange yet appealing. However, it’s the creativity with which two images are combined that is the charm of this trend. 

For high-end design concepts, trust this trend to continue for a pretty long time, and that includes this year as well.

  • Slide Decks for Social Media

One of those rare trends that can actually be considered new. Slide decks are designs that are used for social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. Though there are a lot of such platforms to support slide decks, the algorithms of these two platforms run the decks pretty smoothly.

Posts with these slide deck designs get a lot more engagement from the users, thereby providing a genuine impact with positive results for the client.

Trust professional graphic design services to keep this trend in the running for a pretty long time. 

Parting Thoughts

Whatever the past year may have thrown to hamper things, the graphic design fraternity will surely be looking to turn things around this year. Every trend will alter the way things proceed, but these are some trends that will have a big impact on the design philosophies for the next few years.

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