Tips to Design Mobile apps in a better way for Smart Watches

Creating apps which will work effectively for smartwatches is a difficult task and here are some tips to design mobile apps in a better way for smartwatches

In the recent year, everyone heard about smartwatches and it is initially introduced by Pebble Technology Corporation in the year.2012. From the past 7 years, they have introduced many new features and providing updated versions. Many other companies like Apple, Samsung and etc are also started their smartwatches and releases into the market. It has a better future because the most famous company apple has shown interest and launched smartwatches.

These devices become a popular thing in the technological world and the app development companies or app developers are in a dilemma. They are facing many challenges in developing apps for these devices. The main problem that is faced by the developers is the screen size. So here i am going to tell some of the important guidelines to develop or design apps for smartwatches.

Tips to Design Mobile apps in a better way for Smart Watches

1.Minimalist design

Minimalism is providing a lot of advantages to mobile devices and it is one of the most popular trends. It not only confined to mobile devices and works well for computer and laptops. It perfectly combines with the latest technologies and it is similar to mobile apps also. For mobile apps, it works efficiently and eliminates all the elements which are unnecessary.

Interpreting the design does not only mean gaining rid of any element that is not fundamental, but also offering a simple and readable typeface selection, choosing flat colours, etc.

2.Vibration for notifications

No one has previously designed devices like a smartwatch and it has various and attractive features which are not known. Vibration is one of the best features that create interactivity between user and device. One important thing to consider is the degree of vibration. Smartwatch users are irritated when they are getting vibration for each and every notification. So using wisely this option is important.

3. Device voice controls

Mobile app developers or designers have taken some characteristics into account for every new device. Say for Instance: Touch screens and respective gestures are the focused areas in a smartphone. Each and every functionality are integrated with a touch screen. But it is not possible for smartwatches. Voice control is used to do for multiple functions and it is easy to use and control. So you should consider the voice control when designing apps for smartwatches

4. Simple Typeface

Few design choices are visible in smartwatches because of its size. Fonts which are used in your device has to consider this rule. Nice Content readability is possible with the simple typeface. Too thin strokes or condensed font style has to be avoided. Because the content readability is not correct with using these font styles. It means you that can select thick strokes and bold style and again it will be a problem to the readability. So the best choice is to use semi-thin strokes.

5.High Contrast Colors.

A number of factors are influencing the colour decision and as an app development company or developer has to know. Contrast is the major factor need to consider in the decision of the colour. Not only in colour and in various aspects of designing also it is considered. Contrast enhances readability when you consider the colour.

In smartwatches, as in mobile devices, colour contrast is necessary due to the different environmental conditions in which they can be utilised. For example, sunlight is a factor that can affect the use of these devices. The usual advice is to use vibrant and saturated tones in conjunction with white, black or grey typography for better readability.

6.Screen dimensions

Every pixel is significant in smartwatches. Since there is not sufficient space to cover all the elements that could be found in the same application on smartphones. So analysing the unnecessary elements to exclude is important.

The screens of these devices are very small (about 320 pixels per side, approximately). These dimensions make it difficult to simply change the scale so that it works well. The design must be created from scratch on smartwatches. A method that can be helpful for these incidents is to use a visual idea by screenshot. At most, you have sufficient space for two words or one image. For this reason, the message must be clear and easy to understand.


Smartwatches still have a space to grow and in future, it has a lot of scope. But right now these devices don't replace the mobile devices. It is like an add-on advantage to the present users. 


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