Stop Download Of Dangerous Apps In Your Kids’ Smartphone

Stop Download Of Dangerous Apps In Your Kids’ Smartphone

Finest way to secure your kids from cyber stalkers and online predators by using a bit guarding parental control app. A tool to block dangerous apps

Smartphones are essential for kids, but at the same time, monitoring their online activities is an equally important task. When children are spending more hours on social media sites, cyber games, and messaging applications, it means they are constantly communicating with someone. Unfortunately, their choice to spare time with friends may turn out as the most critical owing to several dangerous apps for teens  which are available nowadays. 

The most deterrent things of your kid’s device use is that some of the applications on their phones can be an entry through which cyberstalkers, child molesters, online predators, and bullies may enter their personal lives. The finest way to secure your children from such perils is by using a parental control app. So, let's take a quick glance at how you can stop the download of apps that are inessential for your kids with a parental control tool. 

About Parental Control App

The parental control app is an application built to check and control teen’s digital tasks. It is established for the benefit of both parents and kids. For parents - parental control software allows monitoring the content to which the child is exposed and for kids - this application protects them from cybercrime activities and many more.

The software simplifies the task to manage your child’s digi-tech activities like applications they are using, videos/images they are viewing and other manifold online affairs.

When you come across online applications which are objectionable to use at a certain age, parental control helps to block such applications.

Why should you know about the dangerous apps that could harm your kids?

Internet strangers may attract children by way of anonymous applications. Such dangerous apps can make your child feel sheltered and courageous, leading them to disclose excessive information or participate in risky decisions like cyberbullying.

Dangerous apps for teens generally have a few characteristics in common that may cause a threat to your kids like awful photos and videos, the potential to chat with unknown, and self-destructing messages.

Harmful features of dangerous apps may permit teens to hide crucial tasks from you, and they may plunge into upsetting situations like cyber crime activities, and more. 

Teens who become online victim may need your help to come out from the vulnerable situation, but they can feel embarrassed to discuss the matter with you. Hence, it is inevitable to forgo applications and platforms that may distress your children.

How to stop download of dangerous apps for teens?

By using a parental control app, you can forbid children to use and download harmful and offensive applications. It also helps to curb new app installation. 

Parental control offers you a tool to stop download apps which are harmful to kids in one or the other way.

App Blockers: This feature allows you to block the use of inappropriate and dangerous apps for teens on their device.

Enable App Blockers feature and save your children from online threats, namely Hacking, Pharming, Phishing, Spoofing, and others.

Post knowing the solution to protect adolescents from dangerous apps, you might get confused about the selection of the best parental control app.

Don't worry! Choose the incomparable app -  Bit Guardian Parental Control. 

What is Bit Guardian Parental Control?

Bit Guardian Parental Control is an application built to keep a close watch on kid’s online exposure. Features of this app are at par excellence that can safeguard your child from digital threats.

You can add an infinite number of children with just a single login with this app. 

To stop download app that is unhealthy for kids, Bit Guardian Parental Control provides exclusive tools. Check them out here:

App Block: You can block unwanted applications like social media apps in kid’s device using this feature. Once the application is blocked, children cannot access the same unless you deactivate this option. 

Children will be protected from over usage of phones and cannot get diverted to other negative webpages if unnecessary apps are blocked.

App Install Block: This feature permits you to block the installation of new applications. Kids cannot download any new application if this feature is enabled in your phone.

Limit Screen Time: You can also limit the screen time and restrict the usage of cellphones for your kids for a stipulated time period only. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control not only helps to stop downloading apps that are needless for your kids but also helps in monitoring and restricting their digital activities in many ways.  Try it today!

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