The Rise of On-demand Apps in this Quarantine Season - What does it take to Develop one?

It’s been nearly a month since nation-wide lock-downs were announced. Millions of people are battling life and the virus in this quarantine season. Let's have a look of the role of on-demand service apps during this pandemic.

Jenova Chen quoted, “Humans are lazy but not stupid.” As the saying goes, humans are finding ways to add to their comfort and convenience. People are finding it difficult to reach services due to coronavirus pandemic. They need services to their doorstep. Modern technology has provided a one-stop destination, the on-demand apps. Day-by-day, these on-demand apps are gaining importance. With coronavirus pandemic pushing people into their homes, it is these on-demand apps that are rescuing the people in distress. On-demand apps are available for almost all services nowadays. 

People confined in their homes, order food through on-demand food delivery apps. They do grocery shopping with on-demand grocery apps. The development of on-demand apps can prove to be highly beneficial and profitable in this quarantine season. 

Why are on-demand apps the need of the hour? What are the popular on-demand services this quarantine season?  How are on-demand apps developed? Let us discuss them here, 

Why are on-demand apps the need of the hour? 

Coronavirus pandemic has been ruthless on people globally. The outbreak has led to almost 1.4 million cases and 83,000 casualties. Let us discuss the need for on-demand apps here, 

  • People fear to step out on the streets and demand an alternative way to purchase essential needs.

  • Coronavirus is mainly transmitted due to external physical contact. 

  • People are maintaining social distancing and expect doorstep services. 

  • Governments of various nations have imposed nation-wide lockdowns. 

  • Popular restaurants have turned into delivery outlets paving the way for people to order via on-demand apps.

  • In the wake of panic buying, people are left with empty shelves in grocery stores. People are inclining towards on-demand grocery delivery apps for grocery delivery.

  • People find on-demand apps easily accessible and an affordable way to get their services done. 

 On-demand apps delivering food, grocery, etc., meet the needs of the people. 

What are the popular on-demand services during this quarantine season? 

Food delivery apps to the rescue: 

It’s been nearly a month since nation-wide lockdowns were announced. Millions of people are battling life and the virus in this quarantine season. They need food for survival. Major restaurants are left with empty seats. In the view of helping people, restaurants are providing delivery takeouts. But, people prefer to stay put in their homes. The food packages reach the people’s doorsteps with the aid of on-demand food delivery apps. 

The market is booming, especially this quarantine season. Popular on-demand apps like GrubHub have joined hands with 20,000 restaurants in March alone. FoodBoss saw a profit rise of about 16.3% in March. Domino’s Pizza is hiring 10,000 new employees to meet the demands of the people. 

All these are healthy signs of the market growth in this pandemic season. An on-demand food delivery app can come in handy and boost your ROI substantially. 

Grocery delivered at doorsteps: 

People need essential commodities for survival. People have ransacked grocery shops in the wake of panic buying. This has left people in need, searching for essential groceries. People are switching to grocery delivery apps that deliver groceries at the doorsteps. People find these on-demand apps convenient and affordable. Moreover, the fear of people stepping out is eliminated in this case. Grocery delivery apps are reaping heavy harvest this pandemic season. 

Popular grocery delivery apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, etc., are finding it difficult to meet the increasing demands of the people. Instacart has seen daily download rates surge by 218% than usual, while Walmart Grocery saw a 160% rise. On average, grocery delivery sales were multiplied by 5 times the normal sales in this quarantine season. On-demand grocery delivery Grofers, saw sales rise by 80% last week. 

For entrepreneurs looking for potential investment options, the grocery delivery app development can be an ideal choice. The market is seeking attention more than ever. With lockdowns to be extended further, the scalability of the app can grow manifold this quarantine season. 

‘Pharmacy delivery with a tap'

Hospitals and clinics are finding it hard to treat patients with symptoms of the illness. People all across the globe need monthly medications prescribed by their doctors. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people cannot access pharmacies. In certain areas, pharmacies are running out of stock too. To solve this issue, online pharmacy delivery apps are used. People can simply upload their prescriptions and expect medicines to reach their doorsteps. 

Online pharmacy delivery platforms are witnessing a 50% increase in site traffic than the month before. A popular healthcare platform, CVS is hiring 50,000 people for delivering medications to people in need. 

Medications are needed for survival. People expect on-demand pharmacy delivery apps to provide medications instantly. This growing market can be a potential business option for this pandemic season. 

How are on-demand apps developed? 

There are a number of ways to develop on-demand apps. 

  • Development from scratch: On-demand service apps can be developed from scratch after an extensive market study. The economy involved in the development of the app is very high. However, with a well-equipped technical team, you can develop an on-demand app from scratch. The development usually takes a timeframe of 3-4 months. 

  • Approaching for clone apps: Various app-development companies are producing clone apps that can be launched instantly. Apps like Instacart clone, UberEats clone, etc., can be launched instantly in the market. Moreover, the economy of clone apps is reduced substantially than developing an app from scratch. With people demanding services today, clone apps can be a wise option to invest in. 

Provide multiple delivery services with a single app: 

Ever imagined delivering food, grocery, and pharmacy in a single app? The advent of multi-niche delivery apps can let business owners provide those services. Apps like Gojek are pioneers in this multi-services market. However, the market expects potential investors to enter. Providing a multi-niche delivery app this quarantine season can be beneficial to people. They needn’t switch across apps to track different orders. In a single app, they can manage multiple orders. 

A Gojek clone app providing multi-niche delivery options can be custom-built with the aid of app development companies. 


The expectations of the people need to be satisfied. People are expecting to avail quick and reliable services at their doorsteps. With a feature-packed on-demand app, you can seek their attention, thereby meeting their expectations. The satisfaction of the people fills your pocket with revenue.The satisfaction of the people fills your pocket with revenue. Are you ready for the on-demand app development?

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