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School Management Software for Better Performance

Technology has entered and is transforming every realm of human life. Educational institutions are a key sector where absorption of technology is revolutionising it in the form of school management software.

The industry's best school management software is better than ever because it has the most comprehensive suites of school management solutions available. Streamline admission process. Master early enrollment. Provide your parents with the information they need. CampusCare® ERP: School Management Software makes it all possible. It automates the seamless flow of information between school administrators, teachers, and parents through state-of-the-art solutions that provide convenience and efficiency. Our software management system offers many advantages, including interoperability, communication portal, mobile apps, and real-time reporting. Your school is a hub for your entire community.

Entab's integrated school management system connects your school to your students, families and everyone in your community. A management solution that allows you to gain more insight into data across your departments. CampusCare management software offers the ability to interlink to all of your schools and provide the following core modules:


Online Registration:- Quick, paperless and online process from any part of the globe, enabling more registrations. The automated system sends out acknowledgement notification/SMS and guideline for further steps. No more queuing up to gather information or submit relevant documents.

School Information System:- Connects all other modules and helps the school to pull out the required details of students/ staff or activities conducted. No dedicated record rooms; click and pull out various reports like fee, academic, attendance etc. saving time and hazel.

School Fee Management:- Online fee payment for fees dues with a record for every transaction done on the portal. E-receipt is generated which would always be available on the portal.

Exam and Result Management:- Enabling conducting exams online and publish e-report cards. Strong and weak subjects/ topics of each student can be identified. A detailed analysis assists teachers with better planning of classroom activity.

Attendance Management:- Real-time information for the presence or absence of school personnel/students using cloud-based technology. School portal allows you to apply for leave or notifies parents in case their ward skips school.

Staff Information & Payroll Management:- Better management of staff by creating a schedule. Payroll generates income report and relevant information regarding the salary structure of the school employees.

Financial Accounting:- This module was designed in consultation with experienced financial managers to automate and provide the solution to maintaining the accounting effortlessly.

Inventory Management:- Everything is accounted for; an inventory for all items in the school can be updated. This would help the school to replace/ add items as per requirements.

Library Management:-Librarian can track hundreds of book titles using this software module. Students could be issued book quickly also the return of books can be monitored for any delay. Parents too can track the no of books issued during the academic year.

Bus Transport & GPS - Safe transport with tracking of the current location in real-time helps parents to pick and drop from their bus stops. The concerned in charge can effectively manage the route and busses efficiently.


All these modules would bring in greater transparency in the system through which the school management can improve the existing process to a more efficient one. Entab's Campuscare offers School ERP software services in India with unparalleled technical support. This tech consultancy enables better client servicing and to customise user requirements as per the industry needs. ERP Software technical support enables a novice to get the required assistance and confidence in operating the software.

Entab's experienced team of technicians provide online assistance to schools making it quick and time-saving. Centralised client servicing bring down the cost too as a small set is required to manage a host of schools. Further, it makes implementation quicker. A customer-centric tech support network offers consultancy and best practices helping improve user experience. This school-centric approach has been fruitful in the development of school management software and is transforming good schools into the best schools.

Regular training programmes are conducted for the onboarding process. This enables the school, as well as the parents, get the most benefit. Entab's school software with 1500+ clients are the front runner in school ERP segment. This school software is best due to its simple user interface and features which is in sync with the dynamic school requirements.


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