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Top Design Mistakes Mobile Application Developers Make

Design Mistakes Mobile Application Developers Make

For any application, a user does not shell more than 5 seconds of critical time. Therefore, a company has a user is 5 seconds, even less, to create an impression that brings them back to their implementation. Many fail. As for the design in the web and mobile application development, it is not the only idea, as many applications offer similar services. There is a tonnage of applications replicating Uber, Yelp, Airbnb, and so on, and yet there are only a few that excellent, while the rest are condemned to a life of loneliness and slow death.

Ultimately, it all comes down to design. No longer limited to UX / UI alone, design for all web and mobile application includes the first point of contact to the property the final payment point. So if you're looking to develop a flawless web or mobile app and want to achieve the valuation billion mark, you must meet design concerns developmentally itself to improvising may mean little later so once that potential users are repelled.

Top design mistakes that you should avoid:

No answer, no retention:

Gone are the days when users roamed their way through an application or a website. Instilled in your design should be a reactive aspect that helps users to products or services they are looking for the shortest route and in the shortest time. If you cannot help them with an answer, users will have no reason to stay.

Nothing like as a free lunch:

Free tools, website builders and applications and extensions you can get to a certain point in the design. To move forward in the game, you have to look beyond the free breakfast and extensions, plugins inculcate themes and design tools that take advantage of your application.

Do not ignore the Convention:

In their quest for perfection, some companies tend to go too far in the entire design process, ignoring the basic principles of design thinking. Experimenting with web design or application is not a bad idea, but it should not compel an average user since they constitute the majority of your market.

Dividing your user interface:

Headers, footers, and sidebars, especially in web development, are usually reserved for advertising. Care must be taken that the advertising outlook could interfere with the user experience. If you do not want to advertise on your application, like many businesses these days, judicious and innovative use of available space. 

Ask, but do not overdo it:

Given the sharp increase in applications and integrated web feature on the economic structure to the application, the user input of personal data is needed. While designing your form, do not go for an elaborate layout. Ask what is needed and ignore the rest. The data unless you ask, the more comfortable you will give the end-user.

Do not beat around the bush:

If your mobile or web application allows users to place an order for a meal, let them in the first three clicks. For UX, the main function should be to help the user with what they need. Forms, promotional offers, and other distractions should not interfere with the basic operation of your virtual property.

Keep in time:

With the location-based marketing become essential for web and mobile applications, any business needs to update their properties. Do not offer promotions for NFL game happened yesterday. There must be a mechanism for instant updates and improvisation of design where and whenever necessary.

Broken links & Conversions:

A broken link or poorly optimized page on your virtual property is like a pothole on an F1 track. It not only cause immense damage to your credibility and reputation but also leads to lower conversions and crates, users driving elsewhere for the same services.

Data is your nuclear bomb:

In this information age, data is as powerful as your nuclear bomb, and it should be used to improve the design of your website and application and therefore periodically look customer feedback on the UX / UI, about customizing the property, and make appropriate changes.

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