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Guide to Help You Prepare for Admission to an International School in Kuala Lumpur

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With the world getting smaller and digital economies on the rise, many families move away from their home nation to different countries for jobs and businesses. Their children have to adjust to these new circumstances by adapting to the new school environments that may be different from back home.

International schools come as the best choice for both ex-pats and local families. Although the learning medium is usually English, there are always choices to learn other languages. They have international curricula and a diverse cultural environment for children to feel comfortable.

But securing a seat in an international school can be a daunting task. Here are some tips for international education to help them prepare for admission to an international school in Kuala Lumpur to make the most out of the opportunities presented to them and take each day as a new experience.

Make a List

Allow your children to come up with their learning list. Let them decide what they want to learn, which languages, which curriculum, etc. Let them choose which culture they want to acclimatize in - are they comfortable in their own culture, or do they want to explore and experience more? Please encourage them to choose diversity, which is the first step towards being a global citizen. Based on this, ask them to make a list of schools they would like to attend. Giving them a choice will make children take responsibility for their actions.

Talk About Values

International schools provide an environment of multiculturalism. Students from different countries and nationalities study under the same roof, the same syllabus, but bring different outlooks and traditions that make the campus vibrant. Parents can talk to their children about the values these diverse elements bring along with them.

The perspectives, practices, languages, etc., bring various materials for students to learn from, imbibe, and get emotional development in the best possible way. They learn to listen, respect, and understand individuals from diverse backgrounds and carry different life stories. It also helps students develop kindness, understand the philosophies and teachings of different cultures, adding to their values.

Consider Language Learning

Being fluent in another language is also a considerable asset and could open a lot of doors. International schools in Kuala Lumpur provide the option of learning a different language which is both culturally and universally accepted. Some schools offer that as part of the core curriculum.

Learning a language at an early age is a cakewalk for children whose brains are more receptive to such newness. Armed with these new languages, children can expand their horizons and make friends who can hold them up in good stead in the long run. Multilinguistic students are also known to have better learning power and the capacity to absorb information better.

Check the Extracurricular Activities

Are your children excited about the school’s extracurricular programs? What do those programs include? Go over these programs and ask the learner about the activities that interest them. You can even ask them if they wish to join an after-school program to work on a particular activity. But, please ensure that the school offers such activities to the learners.

Reassure Them

It will help if you understand your children’s weaknesses. What areas do they need to work on as students? You can talk to them about these weaknesses. If they aren’t as good at math as most students are, they could be worried at the thought of how they will cope with the rest of the class once the sessions start. Make them understand that it’s all right to ask for help and that working on their weaknesses means improving over time. Sometimes, an encouraging boost is all that your child needs to work harder and persevere.

Master the Tools

Encourage your children to know as much as possible about the programs they will be using when the sessions start - this is especially important for high school students. With the shift to e-classrooms, it’s not just enough to participate in class. You and your child will need to know how to operate applications and hardware, as support from schools might not be enough or might not be fast enough to provide the results you want. With virtual classrooms, it’s safe to say that children who know how to make the most out of the online tools will have an easier time in school.

Talk to the Teachers

Get a sense of your child’s teachers by setting up a meeting. Teachers usually use those meetings to update you on your child’s progress. If your children are the new children on the block, then talking to the teacher about what the learner can expect, what they would be doing in the next few weeks, will also help. Once you know, you can inform your children about it.

Check the Site

It also pays to check out the school’s site. For instance, you can check what’s on the school calendar, significant tests, the offered activities, etc. Do not forget to remind your children to have fun while being clean and safe. Yes, they are getting into their dream school. But that doesn’t mean they no longer have any time for their friends or for the hobbies and interests they love and are passionate about. The best international school will teach them not to give up, be resilient, and do their best. But all of those things will matter more if they can balance it with a sense of humor and a sense of fun.

Parents always want to help their children cope better and prepare for these challenging changes in the best possible way. They look for schools that will make their children feel instantly at home and prepare them for a future that is diverse and full of opportunities.


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