Hanogram’s Top 3 Must-Have Phone Cases for Animal Lovers

These top three picks are just amazing. Visit our website to find the cutest and most adorable animal lover phone cases only here in Hanogram!

Whether you experience owning a pet or not, it is TRUE enough that we all have this soft side in our hearts dedicated to animals. It is because these beautiful creatures are deemed as having the capacity of loving humans unconditionally and in the most captivating way that they could.

Moreover, studies have explained that a simple stroke to our dogs, cats, rabbits, or even to horses can actually lower blood pressure and combat stress. Thus, seeing anything related to them, from their favorite bowls or their much-loved fur balls, can instantly put us in a good mood. Hanogram then came up with the thought of creating a design for people who love animals dearly, or even to those who just find them simply adorable.

With the new animal lover phone cases series, you will never feel far from your pets anymore. Hanogram’s expert global designers ensure that the layout of these cases will naturally look cute without being too loud with the chosen design objects. You can guarantee that they are all of high-quality to protect your mobile phones from any scratch or abrasions efficiently.

Top 3 Must-Have Animal Lover Phone Cases

1. Floral and Cat Glass Case

  floral and cat glass case

Calling all cat lovers out there- you would surely fall in love with this Floral and Cat Glass Case! The meowvalous design of this phone case makes it something even worth bragging for. Hanogram’s ultra-slim and glass case features are truly exceptional clearing out any doubts against its durability and power for shock protection. It is much comfortable to hold without making you worry about fingerprints and scratch marks because of its oleophobic coating. Also, an excellent feature to take note is that wireless charging works really just fine with these cases. This Floral and Cat Glass Case can always be a perfect match to a cat top or a cat-themed bag, flaunting your cat-lover personality!

2. Welsh Corgi Glass Case

welsh corgi glass case

Who can resist the overflowing charms of corgi dogs? Thus, the Welsh Corgi Glass Case is genuinely worthy of a phone case Investment. Not only that it presents a very loveable appearance but is also designed to keep and safeguard your phone from any dramatic falls. Stylish, handcrafted, and first-rate quality, these cases are just irresistible! It comes in a bright glossy finish which is indeed attention-grabbing. It doesn’t also interfere with wireless charging, and the cutouts are just generous! If you can’t get yourself a corgi like the ones, Queen Elizabeth has, at least have this phone case as a perfect phone companion!

3. Flamingo & Flower Glass Case

flamingo & flower glass case

Take your phone case to a new and much elegant level! This Flamingo & Flower Glass Case is an absolute must-have! The real attraction is the classy look of the flamingo printed on girly pink which truly complement its black backdrop design. It also has the top-notch and beyond expectation features that all Hanogram’s phone cases offer, so it is definite that you’re making a good case choice once you purchase this. Customers have loved this design, and you might enjoy it even more once you have your very own flamingo case on hand!

These top three picks are just amazing, but Hanogram is accurate enough with its mission of standing out among other phone cases retailers. They are giving you a chance to have your name or your pet’s name with their phone cases! Sounds wonderful, right?

So, if you still want to learn more about this, make sure to visit our website where you can find the cutest and most adorable animal-lover phone cases in town! Show off your pets and create a unique story with Hanogram!

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