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Have Fun in The Sun With a Pool Umbrella

The UV Block That Doesn’t Touches Your Skin.  Know the benefits of pool umbrella that gives enough shade and style to your home.

Have Fun in The Sun With a Pool Umbrella

The UV Block That Doesn’t Touches Your Skin.  
How can you have fun in the pool without getting sunburn? Aside from applying a sunblock lotion, you can actually install a shade that can best filter the sun so you can enjoy your time in the swimming pool.

All it takes is to position a pool umbrella right across or maybe on the sides of a pool. And this will give the right sun protection even on a hot day. 

There are many kinds of shade that can be used as a pool umbrella: the awnings and the cantilever umbrella.


  • This one gives better coverage because it’s longer and can be placed right across a pool.  It’s also a space saver because it doesn’t require extra space. It’s can be hang above a window, or a door or in front of a home. 
  • This one can be situated by the pool because it can help prevent direct sun exposure while swimming. And can give a wider shade for pool users.
  • There are also electric awnings with motorized mechanism which gives push-button access.  And an awning of the retractable type

These features allow an owner to turn on and off the outdoor umbrella, or lengthen and shorten the shade to work according to one’s preference.  The owner doesn’t have to leave the pool to access these features.

  • The awnings can be used in most weather situations. Rain, sun, wind, these are outdoor conditions that the awnings can protect you from when swimming by the pool.


  • This one can also give reliable sun protection, and has variety of uses.
  • When used as an enclosure aside from a sunshade, the cantilever umbrella can serve as a nap or a cocktail area. It can cave in a private space for those who want some quiet time after taking a dip.  
  • The cantilever umbrella can be smaller than the awnings.

But as an outdoor umbrella, it gives a more casual feel.  Also, its canopy can also be rotated and its angles can be manipulated by the user to find the best sun cover angle possible.

So the questions really when getting a pool umbrella: are you after the functionality of an outdoor umbrella or a shade umbrella which can also upscale the design of your poolside?  One that’s modern in features?  We have more styles, more sizes and designs to choose from. Find a pool umbrella that’s best for your pool use.

If having fun under the sun like taking a swim or staying by the pool is all good, then one won’t have to think of those skin ailments that can hurt the skin really. But with the intense sunlight that comes especially in the afternoon, how can one take a rest during the day without the proper cover?

The solution to do this is to have an outdoor shade umbrella on standby where one can hide and maybe stay under its cool sunshade.  It is a good catch for those who want to stay safe even while getting some quality nap by the beach or at home by the pool.

Know what makes a pool umbrella different and sturdy enough to protect the skin from the harmful sunlight during the day:

  1.  It’s a shade with a sheer size that can provide enough coverage.  With different features than an ordinary umbrella, an outdoor umbrella has more reach and provides wider shade.  With just a few chairs or a center table that can go with it, this lifestyle accessory, the most popular of which is called the pool umbrella, can be expensive to purchase but it’s helpful and convenient to have in the house or in the office.

  2.  It's stable, and well-supported by its frame. Unlike ordinary umbrellas the pool umbrella can stand anywhere you like to put it in because it has a stable base to support its pole all the way to the ribs and frame of the canopy. So whether you decide to put your outdoor shade umbrella in front of the house to endure intense kinds of weather; use it as a good sunblock, or maybe install this accessory beside the pool to give a cozy corner for guests, it’s a worry-free effort on your end. Because you know that it is durable and made to withstand all kinds of weather.
  3.  The canopy is made from a special kind of fabric that filters UV rays.  If you happen to forget your sunblock and there’s a cantilever umbrella nearby, then take comfort and seek shade under it.  Its canopy is made of thicker fabric that can reliably protect guests from the harmful sunlight. What's more, the canopy can block the UV rays by as much as 90 or more per cent, once you get the good quality kind of shade umbrella.
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