Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh

Hitachi Refrigerator Cost And Facts In Bangladesh

The Hitachi refrigerator is a side by side tower shape suspend free white color these products of the refrigerator. Along with an elegant appearance, it has ample 540 liters storage space to keep the food fresh for quite a while with actual tests and odor.

The Hitachi refrigerator is a side by side tower shape suspend free white color these products of the refrigerator. Along with an elegant appearance, it has ample 540 liters storage space to keep the food fresh for quite a while with actual tests and odor.


Hitachi refrigerator price in Bangladesh is built-in Easy open grips help to open the door easily. Its twin cooling feature always keeps both the compartment dry all of the time. Its ample space permits you to store huge food along with its interior decoration make sure about the proper use of space following that you can adjust the degree of elevation with the assistance of adjustable leg. Besides, due to having inverter technology, you may stay tension-free regarding the electricity bill at the end of the month.


This is the Monster size of refrigerator these products. Therefore you need to have sufficient enough space in your kitchen or dining area to keep Hitachi refrigerator. You would also face problems in terms of moving a Hitachi fridge from one spot to another. Additionally, and above all, we have negative feedback regarding the compressor though Hitachi claims that the compressor would provide continuous support for five decades; it's proved incorrect.


This is an Ample space with great looking will bring you surely. If you've got enough budgets as well as spacious, then you can find this one in your selection list.

Layout and Dimension

Refrigerators should long be thought of as the boxy, boring behemoths of this kitchen, and purchasing one was as simple as choosing between eggshell and off-white. Now, however, times have changed, users, searching forward to have a lively design with modern cooling technology. This Hitachi is among the stylish refrigerators that we've ever reviewed. It's a white color tower shape top mount refrigerator these products using a digital touch screen control panel at the front of the door. Thus you have to be sure about the placement of the monster this product.

Storage capacity

You can easily store huge quantities of food ready at the moment. Hitachi Refrigerator has been providing enormous space with multiple glass shelves and boxes for non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. The total food storage capability of this Hitachi refrigerator is 540 liters. One third storage capability with 190 liters can be obtained after 350 liters for the freezer section.

In the case Of the refrigerator compartment, with the assistance of four glass shelves layers along with two storage containers, it is easy to store your everyday food for a longer period with natural flavor with necessary vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand freezer section also has the same interior decoration but distinct storage capacity.

Cooling Characteristics

Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh has been using R600a (isobutene) heating technology. This technology is also known as a green technology that would not just keep the food fresh but also in charge of maintaining the environment free of harmful CFC and HCFC gas. Besides, it's a double cooling fan to be sure about the proper distribution of cooling all pockets.

Its super Frost cooling features that can make the refrigerator compartment super cool within a brief time. On the other hand, with the guidance of temperature suggestions quickly alter the level of electricity. Also, as you can remain tension in your long tour by only turn your refrigerator into the holiday mood.

Modern Features

Each of the additional features has made the difference between both areas’ refrigerators. Available features of the Whirlpool refrigerator price in Bangladesh are provided below.

Side by side Door: One of the most popular refrigerators of the products nowadays in the marketplace. Due to having a separate doorway, it can hold the cooling for a longer period in addition to a cinch to use.

Nano Technology: These features work as an anti-bacterial and keep the food fresh with actual odor and evaluation for a longer time.

Super frost: This technology can produce the refrigerator compartment trendy within a brief time. This technology may droop the moderate level 0 degree within a brief time for 30 minutes.

Infection Indication: This feature will let you know about the available temperature of the compartment, and according to a requirement, you can adjust by a touch screen that's provided at the front of the door.

Frost-free: Unlike ordinary products of the fridge, Hitachi refrigerator is a trickle free of these products. Therefore it does not matter how long you're storing your food in the refrigerator; your foods will remain frost-free and can easily eliminate the food in the cavity.

Holiday mood: This mood functions as guidance of this compartment. It raises the degree of the cooling system when need as well as decrease the level of cooling. You can go on the tour by turning this mood at your refrigerator. It will take care of your food properly in addition to keeping the power consumption at the perfect level.

Electric Characteristics: This is a home appliance. Thus you can easily conduct the Hitachi refrigerator using the normal voltage of 220V to 230V together with the frequency of 50zh. Hitachi fridge only absorbs 650 watts so that your electricity bill will stay within your budget.

Price and Availability

You may have a freezer price in Bangladesh in your closest home and kitchen appliances showrooms of They have a lot of showrooms as well as dealers all over the country.

The cost of the product does issue in the case of Hitachi Refrigerator price is cheap Compare to the presented characteristics.

Now it is your turn to assess each of the provided characteristics and make the right decision. Be happy.

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