Hot Tub Pump Parts, Motor and Wet End

Hot tub pumps maintain the massage jets also help keep the water clean by circulating water.

Hot tub pumps maintain the massage jets also help keep the water clean by circulating water. Spa electronics track the hot tub's functions, call for heat or circulation when needed, and much more innovative control systems also give error messages to help with troubleshooting a problem if something goes wrong.

When diagnosing any hot tub repair near me, just persons qualified to operate on electrical parts should try to fix them. Whoever is doing the job, the spa should be shut off and power ought to be turned off in the breaker as well as any disconnect accessible to guarantee there's no electrical danger. To be safe, the repair person may measure the incoming electric line to make sure there's no voltage or current present before starting any fix.

The main parts of a hot bathtub pump would be the wet end and the motor end. These two sections are bolted together with 4 through bolts along with a gasket keeps any water out of the wet finish from the motor region.

The wet end of the pump contains the impeller, a tiny wheel that spins on a rotating shaft driven by the spa engine. This spinning wheel includes indentations that move water through the pump and create the pressure in the pipes needed to keep water circulating and moving through the spa plumbing. This impeller is sized to match the pump engine. Stronger motors may have larger impellers to move more water.

The motor end of the pump is the point where the actual electrical connection is. Since the motor is energized, it spins the impeller shaft which in turn spins the impeller within the moist end to transfer water through the pump from the input or suction side of the pump to the output or discharge side of the pump.

The suction and discharge usually have a threaded connection that fits to a pump union so as to attach the pump into the spa's plumbing. Inside each one of the two unions can also be a tiny rubber o-ring that prevents the pump marriages from leaking. These unions are often hand tightened to the point where no water comes out, but sometimes a quarter turn with a wrench will guarantee they're snug without repainting which may cause them to crack.

Hot tub pump replacements, parts, impellers, wet ends and seals can be arranged online with rapid shipping so as to complete a fix and get the spa working properly again.

The pump impeller might become jammed or damaged and cause a pump to hum but not create any water flow. The impeller should spin freely on the shaft with no obstructions for the pump to properly transport water. Pump impellers are a replaceable part.

A common way to obtain leaking from the hot tub pump would be the pump seals located around the impeller. The seals prevent water from penetrating the wet end near the impeller because it spins around the pump shaft. These seals may be damaged by improper water chemistry or other difficulties with the spa. If the pump is not too old, the leak can be repaired by replacing the seals. A seal kit is readily available for every brand and type of pump.

If your hot tub pump seal is leaking, then you'll have to discover the suitable seal kit. Some are ceramic pump seals while some are Viton or other substance. Jacuzzi pump components and most any kind of seals are available on the internet, but be sure to get the ideal kit for your particular pump type and brandnew.

The Viton seal substance is said to be impervious to chemical wear from chlorine, bromine, ozone and other spa water treatments. Be sure when purchasing an Aqua Flow Viton seal kit it will match the pump employed on your Cal Spa, Marquis, Clearwater, Coleman or other spa brand which from time to time has used Aqua Flo pumps in their spas.

When replacing or repairing a spa pump, it's almost always a fantastic idea to be certain that the existing pump cord is totally free of nicks or even shorts and that the ends aren't corroded. It is also very important to replace any worn or damaged orings, seals or gaskets to prevent leaks following reassembly.

If a pump will have to be replaced, the info required to get the ideal replacement pump is usually found on the tag affixed to the pump. Details such as if the replacement unit has to be a 48 framework or a 56 frame pump, then the operating voltage, amperage on high speed and amp draw on low speed, horsepower rating and other details can be located on the older pump's label.

If sourcing a pump from overseas, also make sure you purchase the correct line frequency as in North America, the pumps operate at 60hz. For North American citizens purchasing pumps in North America, it's usually assumed you will require the 60hz pump unless otherwise defined.

After troubleshooting a pump issue, first be sure to do it securely and then to make sure the problem is really with the pump rather than with another spa component.

Some pump problems might not need replacing the pump at all such as if a pump shuts down by itself through a thermal overload condition. Proper troubleshooting will help to properly isolate the problem. If the pump is actually the problem, then another question would be should it be repaired or replaced.

Mature pumps should most probably be replaced, but if the pump is relatively new and just needs a new impeller, wet finish, pump seal kit or engine, the component is available online to get it fixed and back in support.

Spend less time worrying about issues and just get the proper parts to get your hot tub up and running right away.

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