House Maid Agency

House Maid Agency

Maids in UAE on every home are worth to help employers find their next housemaid, nanny or Cook. You can get peace of mind and a lot of time when your hire and We help families find their perfect maids directly from our website house maids service in UAE that can help with you daily.


Do you really need maids? 4 reasons why you should have one. In UAE, dubai, abudhabi, sharjah, al ain, fujairah, ajman, ras al khaimah, umm al quwain, in these emirates there are some busiest cities as well is moving ahead at a rapid pace. As the cities are races forward, it will have its repercussion in your personal life as well. To catch up with the ever moving and busy life in UAE, you need support to manage your day to day activities with the help of maids services. This becomes quite obvious when your family grows and you are not getting enough time to mind at family matters. Here are 5 reasons why you should get the service of maids in UAE. We Have Al Manara Group of Companies in UAE.

  • Saves time

    At home we were busy from cooking to washing to cleaning, the household work is tiring and endless day by day. Having maids in UAE saves your precious time that you can use for any other important purpose.

  • Professional Maids service

    Most of the housemaids here are professionally familiar with cleaning and maids services in UAE. They know the various products and equipment to use for the various task in hand with their experience of maids services. This makes their work perfect and they can make the house owners happy and satisfied.

  • You have a full-time job

    If the client or house owners have a 9-6 job in UAE, it will be hard to manage everything that you need to do at home everyday. Our experienced and trained House maids in UAE can help you in reducing your stress and thereby providing a more relaxing time for the people.

  • You have elderly people or children at home

    If you have elderly people or kids at home that they need help and care at your home, Hiring maid service lets you spend more quality time with them and maids can help your time saving. Similarly, if you have a newborn baby and you are not getting time to attend any other work at home. UAE maids can actually provide the support you need during such a risky face of life and you can be relaxed at home with you kids and family.

Above all of this, may you will looking for maid services. This is where house maids in UAE will comes into your mind. We provide maids services in Dubai, abudhabi, sharjah, al ain, fujairah, ajman, ras al khaimah, umm al quwain at a very affordable rate. All you have to do is pickup the phone and dial the number that we provided at the website and we are here to help you at anytime for maids services in UAE.


We are buys these days and time are running fastly day by day. We need to arrange our homes in our day to day life, and keep maintained. We are not getting any free time to spend with family here in UAE. The families that are living in UAE, they are mostly trying to hire a maids services to maintain their home and setting up the maid as cooking, washing and cleaning, etc... Here are some reasons that we listed out for hiring maids for families in UAE.

  • Cleanliness

    Without any doubt, it is very important to keep cleaned your house everyday for your better health, and the cleaning your house every day that you can do with a maid services. So we don't need to worry about our health if we kept our home cleaned.

  • Busy Schedule

    If the people are busy with their daily time schedule, they can't arrange everything together like, cooking, cleaning, washing, caring their child, etc. It is almost you will be tiered and you will not get enough time to spend with your family. If you appointed a maid for this it will be easy that they will finish everything when you are coming back from the work, and which makes your mind relaxed.


In our busy lives, we are waking at the early morning and making food, dressing up kids to school. You are busy at all time in the house till you are getting out for the work. There you needs some help from maids, so they can maintain all activities that you are doing with out any schedule, you can free form everything if you find a best maids companies. Home must be very cleaned and well maintained, but it will not be possible at your busy schedule. When you are hiring a maid for your house from any maids company, you must make sure that the company should professional maids providers and please stay away from fake and fraud maids company in UAE.


In UAE, there are number of professional maids agencies and also non professional known as freelancers. The difference between freelancers and professional one is, we can believe with the professional agencies that are well known inside the public, as a freelancers we can't judge them well, when they will be available for their services and about the schedule, etc.. If you are hiring maids agency for the first time, you must get feedbacks from the public or your neighbours. So you will not be trapped in any kind fake agencies.


To find a Maid service UAE is not a risky task in these days. Looking for full time and part time house maids will never be hard because there are a lot of house maid companies in UAE that can provide you the best maid services. If you want affordable maid service in UAE, We can be the part of that for, so we can provide full time and part time maid service in UAE.

For the part time maids, we can utilise these type of services for some small functions and your home or for some urgent cleaning, etc. It will be easier to conduct the function with the help of maid. They are also well-trained and professional maids so they can assure that they can manage all the required things that they should do in a giving time frame and they will complete their work properly. If you are hiring a part time maid will be cheaper by expense than a full time maid.

Our company which is an organization that provides maid service UAE can provide you part time housemaid that you can hire per hour that depends on your work. You can hire them from our maid service UAE for the minimum of 3 hours and if you want to schedule it for weekly or monthly basis then we can also provide it for you with our services. We ensure that your maid service UAE will make you feel satisfied as our team offers you the trusted and good housemaid.

If you like to have full time housemaids then we also have that in our maid service UAE. If you are looking for maid to make a clean home on daily basis? Do you want someone who can cook your food regularly? How about for your kids, do you want them to live comfortably in a healthy environment? If you want that then you must get a full time housemaid for your home.

We provides maid service UAE and what they are providing to their clients is a well-trained, trusted and professional housemaid that you can trust for a long time your home. You can hire them yearly and even for 2 years contract depends on yours. You can have more time for your family and focus on your work because you already have someone to do those essentials at home and they are doing every works at home. You won’t need to worry about your laundry because they can manage that with their professional washing skills in everyday. They can also do ironing of your clothes, cooking foods for your kid and maintaining the overall cleanliness of your home and it will be very helpful to get free from your busy life.

You can have these full time and part time house maids for a very affordable assistance price if you hire the maids with our services. To have the best partner that can do professional and best quality cleaning and with our maid service UAE is our main aim, we can make it possible with our professional maids service UAE. There’s no need to worry when you want to invest on having house maids services UAE, you can contact with us at any time for our services all over UAE, like dubai, abudhabi, al ain, sharjah, ajman, fujairah, ras al khaimah, umm al quwain.

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