How Attorney Jad Sarsour Can Help You

Jad Sarsour comprises criminal and DUI defense attorneys that provide topnotch services throughout Fairfax and Northern Virginia. Every case has its set of circumstances and facts, which is something that our lawyers fully understand — every single case we take on demands a unique approach.

Dropped Charges
In many instances, we can have your case dropped before charges are even filed. Contrary to common belief, it is the Prosecutor who decides whether to file charges, not the police. Once the Prosecutor’s Office receives the report, we make contact with them and present your side of the story, often times ignored or neglected by the law enforcement agency investigating the “crime”. This is the advantage of having a former prosecutor defending you – we’ve been there, we know what evidence they are looking for, and we know what evidence doesn’t help them. For best results, contact our Fairfax County criminal lawyer as soon as you believe you are a suspect in a crime or the subject of a criminal investigation. It’s in your interest to be proactive and have input early on, than to be reactive after the fact.

Reduced Charges
We can negotiate with the Prosecutor for drastically reduced charges. For example, a domestic violence offense could be minimized to a non-domestic violence charge or even a disturbing the peace; a DUI/DWI can be negotiated to a “wet reckless” or just “reckless;” a burglary charge to a petty theft, or even a trespass; an assault charge reduced to vandalism, or disturbing the peace. As most criminal cases comprise a unique set of variables, the degree to which your charges may be reduced will be dependent on various factors such as prior criminal history, actual evidence, and other specifics surrounding your particular situation

Jury Trial
If after several attempts to negotiate the case falter, or the Prosecutor refuses to dismiss a questionable case, we will demand a jury trial. This is your right, and if need be, we will pursue with vigilance. We will file those pre-trial motions that maximize your chances at trial – suppression motions, character evidence, probable cause, inadmissible hearsay, and impeachment evidence. At this point, we will use our firm’s extensive trial experience and seek “NOT GUILTY” verdicts, or even a mistrial as a result of the jury’s inability to make a decision. Either way, we vigorously pursue your innocence.

Sentence Mitigation
In the event of a conviction, we are often able to mitigate sentencing penalties by filing an appropriate sentencing brief. We argue for more lenient punishment, such as lesser jail time, public work service, substance abuse treatment, suspended sentences, anger management, and a variety of other sentencing alternatives. Our work does not finish with a guilty plea or conviction, as we see to it that you are represented through the end of your case.
We Offer Free Criminal Case Consultations
Regardless if you would want a phone or in-person consultation, our criminal attorneys are available and prepared to talk about your case for free. As aforementioned, every traffic and a criminal case has a unique set of circumstances and facts, which is the reason there’s no time limit set for consultations with our criminal lawyers. Irrespective if you were convicted for a felony charge or felony DUI or arrested for DWI or DUI's first offense, our criminal attorneys take all the time required to make sure prospective clients familiarize themselves with their particular criminal charges, as well as the way their lawyer will build their defense. If the reason for your arrest was domestic assault, shoplifting, drunk driving, or any other traffic or criminal offense, our criminal lawyers will address your concerns, answer your questions, and discuss possible outcomes of your specific case for free. To plan your free consultation with our criminal attorneys, call our office today at (703) 385-6868. For those who are in Northern Virginia and facing a criminal charge, such as marijuana possession, a felony charge, driving under the influence, larceny, domestic assault, drunk driving, DWI or DUI, you ought to act fast and discuss your particular case with an experienced DUI attorney or criminal attorney.

During your free consultation, you will not be obligated to hire any of our attorneys. However, showing up for your court hearing without a lawyer is never prudent, especially if the reason for your arrest is drug possession, DWI, or DUI charge. Generally speaking, these crimes, along with theft crimes, domestic assault, and some juvenile crimes, might lead to hefty court fines, license revocation, jail time, and more. According to the Commonwealth of Virginia, most criminal and traffic offenses are of two categories: misdemeanors or felonies. It’s hard to be fully aware of what the exact penalties of your criminal charge might be. For example, drug possession, DUI, larceny, and other criminal charges might either be a felony or misdemeanor offense, which is the reason you should speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to familiarize yourself with your specific criminal charge. If arrested for a drug charge in Prince William or DUI in Fairfax, some of the DUI penalties you might receive are court fines, alcohol classes, ignition interlock, a suspended driver’s license, jail time, or even a combination of penalties. Therefore, it’s prudent to consult an experienced attorney for such criminal cases right away.

Attorney Jad Sarsour is a criminal defense and traffic attorney with the Firstpoint Law Group, P.C., in Fairfax, Virginia. Known for his strong record in the courtroom and his dedication to client relations, Mr. Sarsour represents clients in a wide variety of criminal cases, including domestic assault, sex crimes, larceny, credit card fraud, and embezzlement.

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