How can you protect yourself from too much sun?

Shadow is the best sunscreen. It can reduce UV radiation by 50 to 95%. However, not every shadow protects the same. Thick foliage of trees or shrubs lends itself well and holds more sun than many beach umbrellas. If no shady place to find, you can dress accordingly. Wide brimmed hats are a good match. A sun or umbrella can be an extra protection for babies.

Protecting yourself from too much UV radiation is the most important way to prevent skin cancer. Children are more sensitive than adults and therefore need special protection against intense sunlight and sunburn.

Protecting yourself effectively from the sun means avoiding too much UVA and UVB radiation. The sun is particularly intense in the summer between 11 and 15 o'clock. Who wants to limit the contact with UV radiation, can

  • Avoid direct sun during the summer during the summer,
  • Seeking shade, especially during lunchtime,
  • protect yourself from the sun with umbrella, hat and clothes,
  • wearing sunglasses with UV protection lenses,

Use sunscreen with UV-A and UV-B protection and a high sun protection factor as well
do without sunbeds and UV lamps.

Practical information for parents who can help protect children from the sun can be found in our flyer: Children and Sun.

How much protection do shade and clothing provide?

Shadow is the best sunscreen. It can reduce UV radiation by 50 to 95%. However, not every shadow protects the same. Thick foliage of trees or shrubs lends itself well and holds more sun than many beach umbrellas. If no shady place to find, you can dress accordingly. Wide brimmed hats are a good match. A sun or umbrella can be an extra protection for babies.

Clothing protects well when it is dark, tightly woven or dense and unbleached. Materials such as polyester, but also jeans and wool keep more UV light than thin cotton fabrics, linen, silk or viscose.


In addition, there are clothes with special UV protection. How good the protection is depends critically on how it is made. Some textiles lose much of their protection when wet or washed.


The most reliable statement about the sun protection factor of textiles is provided by the "UV Standard 801". This procedure also checks the garment being used and specifies its UV protection as Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). The UPF according to UV standard 801 states how much longer the user can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. Dense cotton clothing has a UPF of about 20.

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What can you expect from sunscreen?

Sunscreens such as sunscreen or spray can prevent sunburn, considering how long they work. This makes them valuable because sunburn hurts, damages the skin and is associated with an increased skin cancer risk.


However, the question of whether sunscreen directly protects against skin cancer is not so easy to answer. Studies suggest that people less likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma when applying cream. The fact that sunscreens prevent the more dangerous melanoma and the more common basal cell carcinoma, has not yet been proven. Most studies on the subject neglect important influencing factors such as the skin type of the participants. In other studies, participants were asked afterwards how often they had creamed themselves. It is hardly possible to remember exactly how often and well you creamed yourself years or decades ago.

Most studies also used older products that did not have a UVA filter and a comparatively low sun protection factor (SPF). Modern creams with higher SPF and UV-A filters have been studied even less so far.


Despite many unanswered questions, sunscreen is an important additional aid. There are situations - such as walking, swimming or surfing - where there is no shade or clothing alone is not enough. Even when bathing or water sports one is particularly exposed to the sun, because water reflects the UV rays. The rays can also penetrate up to a meter deep in water. Parents also find sunscreen for lively children often more practical than other protective measures: children do not always stay in the shade and also clothes are often taken off.

However, relying solely on sunscreen has one major disadvantage: The sunscreen can not be checked well. It is easy to overlook that the cream has not been applied thick enough in places or that it has worn off. In addition, their use may result in more ineffective sunscreen measures being neglected.


Which SPF is the right one?

The sun protection factor (SPF) of a sunscreen indicates how long the product protects against UV-B rays and can prevent sunburn. Whether a sunscreen also filters out UV-A light is noted differently, for example in the form of a UV-A seal (a circle with the inscription "UVA"). Only sunscreen with a broadband filter for UV-A and UV-B rays can make a sunburn as good as possible...


Sun protection: How to protect yourself from the sun

Get out in the fresh air - enjoy the summer in South Tyrol! Recharge your batteries, move actively and enjoy the pleasant sunbeams on your skin. Pure lust for life! The sunlight does our body good, but you should also pay attention to the proper protection. We have put together some precious tips for you:


ALWAYS protect yourself and everywhere

No matter where you choose to sunbathe: Protect yourself always and everywhere! Sun protection affects us all: not only the young, but also passionate athletes, hikers, people seeking relaxation, even professionals, who are exposed to the sun every day, should protect themselves - and not only in the summer. Even in the cold season, when the snow reflects the dangerous UV rays, a sunburn can be the bad result. Use appropriate products.


Avoid the sun at lunchtime

Between 11.00 and 15.00 o'clock the UV radiation is strongest. During this time, you should avoid sunbathing as much as possible. Give your body a little break and avoid activities such as gardening, sports or going for a walk at lunchtime. Your skin will thank you.


The right clothing is the best protection for a sunburn

Watch out for outdoor activities in the South Tyrol vacation on the right body clothing. Because who chooses these carefully, can avoid a sunburn. The denser the textiles are woven, the better they protect. Clothing made of technical materials (microfiber) is better than cotton. Because this absorbs the sun's rays too little. Wide-cut and dark clothing are also better suited than narrow and bright.

The right protection for the eyes

Always wear sunglasses outdoors! Otherwise, permanent damage to the retina and the cornea is risked. Responsible for this are the short-wave UV-B rays. When buying glasses, make sure you have the right size of glasses: the glasses should be well covered on all sides. This is the only way UV light can not penetrate. The most ideal is a pair of sunglasses with a brown or gray tint.

The adventure swimming pool Prad am Stilfserjoch

Let yourself be pampered in the Vinschgau holiday by the sun and experience a wonderful time in our Gasthof Stern at the foot of King Ortler. On the lawn in the adventure swimming pool Prad am Stilfserjoch, it is sure to be easy to switch off, to give free rein to the idea, to dare one or the other dip into the cool and enjoy the sun to the fullest. With our valuable tips, nothing stands in the way. Did you know: The entrance fee in summer is included for our guests. Well then: Have fun and good conversation.

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