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You might be wondering what this topic makes no sense, but a lipstick plays a vital role in making you look drop dead gorgeous. There are no two ways about the fact that a wedding is the memorable day of every girl's life. 

However, from that wedding kiss, to cake cutting, wedding buffet dinner to jamming all through the night, every moment is a once in a lifetime experience. Besides, girls ought to look their best; after all, it's your big day. One flaw that can ruin your entire look and pictures is crack, smudged, or fade lipstick. 

As a girl, I know it is a major turn off, as you can't spend the night in touch-ups and reapplying the lipstick. Believe me! A perfect lipstick has the power to finish off your entire look. So what! If I say, you can utterly avoid the stress of reapplying and touch-ups? Yes, it is possible if you manage to get the perfect lipstick for your big day. 

However, finding the perfect lipstick is not an easy job you have to cater to some of the vital questions, such as does the shade complement your skin tone? Is it from a reliable brand? Is it long lasting? Does the lipstick packaging box manage to impress you? Will it pop up in the picture? And then the list goes on. Relax! Take a deep breath and continue reading. I am personally experiencing the lipsticks under all tests so that you can choose nothing but the best. No matter you want nude or bright shade, I can help you understand, that wedding day lipstick is crucial than you think. 


Before you apply stunning lip color, make sure your first step is on point; hence, flawless lip prep is quite crucial. Nowadays, numerous brands are offering some stunning lip prep kits in packaging. However, if you are struggling lip brand hire an expert company, such as Dawn Printing. Moist lips are a key to dramatic lips; therefore, a smooth Lip balm is a great choice. Apply 15 minutes before the matte lipstick and feel like a diva. 


A shout out for every chic who adore nude shades, various brands are offering natural nude lipsticks, and you can't get a better choice for your big day. Since none of the girls like stressing about the embodiment of lipstick on the wedding day. The game changing feature of this lipstick shade is that it requires the least amount of touch ups so feel confident. Therefore, a number of nude lipstick shades are a massive hit among girls.  


Currently in fashion, a bright sunny peachy lipstick caters to all the brides who enjoy going natural and flawless makeup for their wedding day. Besides, you can pull it off on regular days as well, which makes it a worthy purchase. These lipsticks are tough to get on point, but if you can, spend some bucks on a peachy lipstick that complement your skin tone. 


Now, let us take the wedding fashion up a notch with the statement red lips. Trust me! None can combat the sexy red lips, on a remarkable marriage gown. Moreover, perfect lip contour for a dreamy shape works like icing on the cake. Hence, you can never go wrong with a seductive red lipstick, pair up with the lip liner and you get sizzling bold red lips for the perfect bridal picture. Besides, a red lip pencil to shape the lips with a bright red lip to provide the 3D ombre effect you desire. 


Time for something bright other than red; moreover, a moist lipstick bright plum shade is absolute necessity for girls struggling with dry lips. If you are using some famous Matt lipstick brand, and find it a slightly dry, then a glossy liquid lipstick can be a sensible decision for a smooth moist lip for the classy finish. Besides, they are long-lasting; this saves you from the repetitive touch-ups. 


Talk about stunning lip colors, and pink lips are the first shade that clicks our mind. Numerous brands feature a range of splendid pink lip shades perfect for every occasion. However, as a girl my major concern is that the label has a balance of impeccable formula that stays for a long time without touch ups. So if you are a girl with slightly tan complexion, a pink lips will make you look smoking hot! 

To wrap up the discussion, wedding day is one in a lifetime experience, and you have to look your absolute best. All of these lip colors are long lasting and yummy in shade. So my suggestion is to make a sensible choice of lip color, look classy, and make every moment a cherished memory, happy wedding day!

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