Catalogue Intelligence Services in Retailers’ Competition

How Catalogue Intelligence Services can be helpful for Retailers’ Competition and Analysis?

This Blog Tells You How Catalogue Intelligence Services Can be Helpful for Retailers’ Competition and Analyze Complete Catalog of Competitors.


Analyze the whole catalog of different online competitors, cleaned by brands and categories. Because of crawling technology, it has become easier to access all well-structured data that is accessible on the competitor’s sites including brand, price, stock, category, MPNs, EANs, descriptions, SKUs, amongst others. For each product, you could check the stock history as well as prices, which helps in regulating long-term strategies of competitors. First, recognize the uniqueness that all the competitors have incorporated and replied on time. X-Byte Enterprise Crawling gives the Best Catalogue Intelligence Services to extract or scrape catalogs of online competitors.

Observe Your Competitor’s Entire Catalogue Product Benchmarking

Using matching algorithms, one can recognize which products are mutual in you and your competitors and you will have a better idea about the most competitive products from the products for which you have superiority in position. Besides, it will get trending products of the competitor's e-commerce that will help you make a competitive and advantageous product range.

Analytics with Dashboard

Configurable graphs are specially designed for analyzing the product collection throughout the competition. Amongst diverse functions, you could recognize the growth and assortment rhythm in the competition for helping you organize the pricing for all recently released products. Visualize how many products your competitors have in their catalogs, how many innovations they comprise every month, how dynamic the prices are, and what the accessibility ratio they have is.

Reports and Alarms

Organize unlimited reports and alarms dedicated to the catalog analysis that will notify you in email whereas your competitors comprise new products or do changes in stock or prices. Produce your individual customized reports by selecting which grounds you wish to distribute at which frequency, positioning about how many reports you may require from a report manager.

Data Export API

Transfer the entire catalog about your competitors with just one click, having access to the grabbed data. If you take part in your systems easily using our API contacts, it will help you improve the catalog having SKUs, EANs, MPNs, images, or descriptions attained from e-commerce competitors.

Catalogue Intelligence with Different Functionalities

Using product catalog intelligence scraping, you can collect data related to business products and services. The services are skilled enough to copy bulk data from the parent websites to give and collect information in a screen format. A lot of business professionals use Catalogue Intelligence that is in marketing as well as searching to tracing the buyers’ behavior towards all particular products. With these services, they can get precise data in a quick time.

Rapidly Reclaim Data with Catalogue Intelligence

X-Byte Enterprise Crawling works very well for the image and picture data. Catalogue Intelligence can be very effective in collecting and copying the picture’s data from catalog databases and product webpages present and understand the data in an identified way by a user. Sometimes, the image data proves to be more valuable than text data. With such cases, Catalogue Intelligence becomes very useful for the users.

Case Study

For scraping top brands’ pricing data from five diverse e-commerce websites and add all data in a single online spreadsheet on a weekly basis.

Requirement : Client to give a list of the top 100 brands. X-Byte Enterprise Crawling to search every brand on the respective website. Once available, calculate the number of products, total distinctive products. There are 4-5 discount brackets accessible on every website.

Website URLs :,,,,,

Product Types : Men's Casual Wear, Women's Western Wear, and Sports Shoes

Number of Records : For All 129 Combinations + 5 Sites + Percentage Slabs

Data Fields : Total Count of the product on Website, Total unique count, Discount bucket 1, Discount Bucket2, Discount Bucket 3

Frequency : Weekly

Result : We have provided all the required results in the desired format to the clients.

Why Choose X-Byte Enterprise Crawling for Catalogue Intelligence?

We continuously monitor thousands of websites to have the latest company and industry data, offering a continuous stream of targeted contacts and catalog intelligence. X-Byte Enterprise Crawling provides the best catalogue intelligence services in the USA and here are the benefits of hiring X-Byte Enterprise Crawling:

  • Identify new leads through collecting contacts and other information from company sites, business associations, online articles, and other sources.
  • Lessen sales cycles using web witnessing for the shifting trends and events that drive fruitful discussions for sales prospects.
  • Lessen sales time by offering appropriate content updates.
  • Rise the selected database by adding customer information like educational background, professional associations, etc.
  • Track significant catalog data through frequently monitored reports, press releases, and regulatory filings.

If you want to know more about our Catalogue Intelligence Services, contact X-Byte Enterprise Crawling or ask for a free quote.

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