Confused behind The Big Data Hype?

Big data is still one of the biggest hype in the tech industry and no doubt it is already changing the world. And we know that the market is thriving for big data professional today.

Is big data still a thing? It is ubiquitous, and as time passes by it will get even tougher for companies to understand what big data really is. Having said, this field will continue to evolve and change the way we foresee things.

Data is everywhere. We’re already generating tons and tons of data every day through social media sites, videos, cellphones GPS signals, text messages, web logs, transactions records, archives, military surveillance, e-commerce, scientific research, digital images and many others. Do you know how much this amounts to? The data generated through these mediums can amount to Quintilian bytes of data. The kind of data generated likewise is called Big Data. To be specific we’re already generating over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day and by 2020, every single person will be generating 1.7MB of data. This pace will only keep rising. And as years go by we will still have job opportunities for tech pros looking to switch their career into a big data professional.

Big data simply refers to the information that gets collected digitally. This could either include watching a show on television, purchasing a ticket or purchasing things through online mode. In short, anything that entails an online activity masses to data collection. The amount that the data keeps growing on a daily basis is frightening.

The concept of big data might vary from company to company and this entirely depends upon the size, capacity, human resource, human competence and many other factors. At certain levels in a company it might be a cumbersome task managing just a few gigabytes but for others managing terabytes might often create a havoc in an organization. Acquiring skills through Hadoop certifications can make your portfolio eye catching to the employers that are looking to hire you, additionally one can get offered with better job opportunities.

If you don’t know yet, here are the four big Vs of big data:

  1. Volume

It denotes to the mass amount of data that is generated every second. This could either be hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes of information generated. Let’s take a number – 15 terabytes of Facebook posts and 400 million annual medical record can any day mean big data.

  1. Velocity

Velocity equals to the speed at which data is generated and how it makes its movement around during transaction such as detection of credit card fraud (this is where millions of transactions take place and are crosschecked for unusual patterns). Big data needs fast and quick processing.

  1. Variety

Big data can come in different varieties and does not belong specifically to any type of format. It can either be structured or unstructured in the form of images, texts, video, audio, emails, simulations, 3D models, and log files etc. According to a research it is said that the substantial amount of a data is not numeric, but those kind of data is still important for decision making. Thus, companies may need to think beyond just documents, records, finances and personal files.

  1. Veracity

With many forms to gather from, data can at times be difficult to trust. The quality and the accuracy of data gathered from Twitter posts along with the hashtags, typos and abbreviations can be difficult to comprehend. Although there are data analytics technology that now provides opportunity to work with such types of data. one among three business leaders do not trust the information they have used to predict these decisions.

Companies are still undergoing through pain and grit to get a grip on big data. It is now clear that big data is going to transform the world and every industry will accept the fact that this revolution is changing the face of businesses today.

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