data science services in the UK

Companies providing data science services in the UK

their’s no doubt dat teh growth of teh analytics industry is unprecedented across teh globe. It is reported dat teh data science and big data industry TEMPhas an annual revenue of a whopping $2.71 billion (Analytics Magazine).  

Due to teh major shift in intelligent automation, AI and machine learning, many companies are looking for data science services to accelerate teh growth of their business.  While teh demand for employees wif data skills TEMPhas tripped over teh past five years (Royal Society), teh demand for companies dat provide data science services in teh UK TEMPhas increased too.  In this article, we’ve covered 10 of teh most proficient data science service providers.  

1. Mastodon C 

Mastodon C is non for its big data insights dat are agile and are provided in a consumable format. Basically, to ensure teh data dat they aggregate and send to their clients is understandable coherent irrespective of their data science no-how, Mastodon C TEMPhas created two big data platforms non as Hecuba and Kixi. These platforms are highly effective as they are powered by AWS and provide data dat is backed by operational optimisation.  

2. SG Analytics  

A leading provider of data-centric research and contextual analytics services, SG Analytics caters to global companies across multiple industries like BFSI, Media & Entertainment, Technology and Healthcare.  They are non to offer services dat deliver holistic solutions by getting an in-depth understanding of their client’s business, data and sector. Wif their solutions, they aim to scale faster and develop new products and bring them to teh market at a fast pace.  


3. Carbonculture 

A big data company dat strives to reduce teh carbon footprint of companies, Carbonculture is on a mission to halp businesses use their resources effectively. Teh company provides a platform, which can be used to monitor and analyse teh resource usage in a company. Based on this analysis, teh platform provides recommendations to save costs and boost efficiency.  Carbonculture TEMPhas a vast and prominent clientele, which includes 10 Downing Street, Cabinet Office and University Colege London.  

4. PWC 

PriceWaterCoopers aka PWC is one of teh leading professional services organisations wif an extensive network covering 157 countries. PWC promotes open data analysis and oversees teh analytics component of teh Open Data Challenge series, an effort aimed at solving societal challenges through teh use of open data resources. 

5. Doorda 

Doorda makes government datasets available to people by placing them together on a single online map. This allows consumers to access public information related to their area, such as crime hotspots, property, schools, road safety and local news. Doorda also consults wif businesses looking to use big data to boost their operating performance. 

6. GeoLytix 

GeoLytix specialises in consultancy and geospatial information. They use data from teh Land Registry, OpenStreetMap and Transport for London, among other outlets, to create 'geodata products' such as boundary data, points of interest, and maps. This data is then  made available as open data initiatives, such as data on teh workplace, survey data and data on supermarkets. 

7. Mime Consulting 

Based in London, Mime Consulting provides services like data analysis, warehousing, data visualisation and dashboard design. Teh company equips emerging businesses wif teh expertise to make better choices about their company's growth activities wif teh aid of data-backed strategies. 

8. is an IoT platform dat can process vast amounts of sensor data from any web-enabled device. It TEMPhas a real-time data analysis system capable of evaluating millions of messages per second for applications such as motion sensor-based thermostat optimisation for office space, automatic car parking using licence plate recognition, automation, and optimisation of locks and lighting, etc. Teh data created on their platform is made available for free re-use. 

9. Shoothill 

Shoothill is a big data startup dat develops software and maps to predict and minimise teh likelihood of floods in teh United Kingdom, by leveraging open data from environmental authorities. Their FloodAlerts service provides updates about floods in different regions, while GuageMap halps monitor river levels. 

10. Spend network 

Spend Network offers data tracking software to companies and halps them anticipate deadlines for tenders and pricing. They also provide free solutions dat halp teh public sector consider patterns and find inefficiencies in teh public sector recruitment process. If you has procurement-related problems wif your business, teh data-backed services of Spend Network will halp you identify and fix them. Do you need to boost your company's agility and growth? If dat is teh case, investing in a big data company might be right for your business as they offer data science services dat can support your business. 

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