Web Data Scraping is not just confined to copying and pasting data. There is more to it. Here are some factors that determine the cost of Web Scraping service.

Web Scraping Service or Data Crawling plays a major factor in the industries to know business insight and increase their sales. It’s not an easy process to copy the data from the web and paste it on the board. It takes immense expertise and skills to face challenges that come on the path and tackle them. It’s the process that has to pass through various phase and then only clients get benefited of pure and structured data.

However, when you have the requirements, you can easily identify the factors that may define the cost of web scraping service. It’s not always feasible for any companies to set up an in-house team of web scraper for data extraction at large scale, especially when they are having tight deadlines.

Here are some factors that determine the cost of web scraping.

Framework Development

There are some factors which define a capable crawling infrastructure. It takes less effort to write a script for development and run it when it’s required but it’s not only about the script but also about the infrastructure, it requires. To develop and maintain such a system it requires a process and system that can manage, deploy and run customized scripts with different goals. Even though if you had made a script early, then also, it has to be modified as per the requirements for the new product. These all can potentially affect the cost.


The company has to have an access of pool of proxies which could be used in various projects repetitively. The maintenance of the scraping is not an easy task as – using a proxy allows you to crawl a website much more reliably. Significantly reducing the chances that your spider will get banned or blocked. Proxy pool allows you to make a higher volume of requests to a target website without being banned.

Website Complexity

It’s not easy to simply scrape or extract the data from any website every time. Most of the web crawlers or developers face problems or challenges while scraping the data. The websites, sometimes, face manual intervention. Thus, it requires multiple customized solutions to deal with those anti-firewalls. It needs personal attention, care, time and resource from the web scraping company which drive the cost considerably.

Number of Websites To Be Crawled

It’s also necessary to know how many websites need to be crawled for a specific project in a limited time frame. Every website contains own and unique structure which makes it apart from other websites. So even if you have a script which was used in previous projects is useless as a modification is required in every single case. Every new script development consumes time and investment.

Frequency of Crawls

Frequency is another major cost-driving factor of a web scraping service. Frequency of crawl may vary based on the requirements and its business type. It can be just for one time or can even be hourly. The cost will be increased if the crawler runs for a long time because it uses a server too.

Some major technical challenges should be faced if you are increasing crawl frequency. Even though it crawls a large volume of data, eventually it will affect cost.


Most of the websites do change on a daily basis or frequently. Thus, crawling scripts should also be changed accordingly to maintain the right flow and format. And again, this affects the costs.

Customer Support

Customer support is also one of the major cost-driving factors of a Web Scraping Service. Based on the business, the system should have customizable customer support where someone can choose between dedicated in-person support and a generalized support system. In this case, the human interaction is needed and that leads to an increase in the cost.


The above mentioned factors are some of the most decisive and Cost-Driving Factors of a Web Scraping Service. Here, several other factors should be included which determine the cost of a web scraping service. So you have to be more careful and accurate while choosing a web scraping service provider for your business. Some of the web scraping service providers may charge less for web scraping service but at the cost of compromises of service and its usability. You have to be very clear while choosing any web scraping company and explaining requirements before finalizing anything.

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