Data Science Training in chennai

360DigiTMG offers you a data science course in Chennai like no other! Propel your data science career forward with the twin engines of Python and R programming.

This data science course begins with an introduction to statistics, probability, python and R programming and exploratory data analysis. Participants learn to perform Data Mining Supervised with Linear regression and Predictive Modelling with Multiple Linear Regression techniques. Data Mining Unsupervised using Clustering, dimension reduction and association rules is also dealt with in detail. A module is dedicated to scripting machine learning algorithms and enabling deep learning and neural networks with Black Box techniques and SVM. Learn to perform proactive forecasting and time series analysis with algorithms scripted in Python and R in the best Data Science training in Chennai.


One of the trending jobs in recent years is the job of a data scientist. A data scientist is a person who analyzes huge amounts of data with the help of a combination of techniques like analytics, mathematics, data mining, etc. to find interesting patterns from it. The importance and the need for a data scientist is felt strongly across all companies, that is precisely the reason why, all of a sudden, most companies are hiring people with a data science background.


Why the data science course?

Data science courses are a rage among youngsters because they have the capability to cater to a wide range of audiences. The courses can be selected based on the person’s interests. Data science courses are provided by institutions, coaching classes and even online. Online courses provide the students with convenience, which normal coaching classes are unable to provide. When a student opts for online courses, he or she can study at the time they want, when they feel ready enough to start the course and the fees are also less as compared to the regular coaching classes. Most of the online courses provide a certificate at the end of the course which becomes an added academic credential for the student. Those students who find it difficult to do a paid course can do an unpaid course which is provided by many online platforms. Even study materials on data science are easily available all over the internet and some passionate people also make videos in a data science course free of cost, this can also be accessed by the aspirants. So, with online courses, the student is presented with multiple options to select from. Even working professionals can do a data science course on the go, without having to worry about traveling, cost and other miscellaneous things. Since a lot of material is available online, a person can easily refer to various materials in case they don’t understand from one particular source. This flexibility attracts many people to online courses. But at the end of the day, it depends on an individual, as to what course they want to select and how.


This question might be in the mind of everyone who is reading this article. The answer is that data science job profiles assure a hefty package to the person concerned, and with the amount of data generated each day, everyone has realized the importance of a specialized person who can manage that data and draw some logical conclusions out of it. A course in data science and some live projects based on it are sufficient for a person to become an industry-ready data scientist. An internship in data science can be really helpful to a person seeking a job in engineering fields. Moreover, these days, many data science-based companies are coming up, so getting a job becomes relatively easy and the person concerned gets good industry exposure and experience. Most of the students completing their graduation in science or engineering fields are getting a data science course done to get an edge over fellow competitors. 

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