Skills to acquire for a successful career in Business Analytics

Professional business analysts are much valued for their skills and individuals with the right set of skills stand to gain big

Business analytics is one of the top career fields today owing to an unprecedented demand and potential for lucrative employment opportunities. As the entire world is witnessing a huge data explosion, it is extremely vital for business organizations to make use of that data. This is why companies across the globe are investing on Business Analytics so that data can be effectively utilized. Thus, professional business analysts are much valued for their skills and individuals with the right set of skills stand to gain big.

Which skills matter in Business Analytics?

  • MS Excel
    MS Excel is easily identified as the go to spreadsheet program as we have been using it since our school. However, it is far more capable than that and a skilled Business Analyst uses Excel to perform activities like analysation, manipulation and visualization of data. Advanced users may also use Excel to build models capable of analysing possible business outcomes based on accumulated data!

  • SQL
    SQL or Structured Query Language is a domain specific programming language used for querying data-bases. Being a Business Analyst, you will be required to deal with remote database management systems for which proficiency in SQL is essential. A highly skilled Business Analyst should be able to extract and analyse data stored in databases with ease using SQL and therefore you must acquire SQL skills.

  • Tableau or SAS
    Premium software suites like Tableau or SAS are highly popular in the world of business analytics. They are extremely easy to use as they are based on a Graphical User Interface offering simple drag and drop features. Moreover, they provide round the clock customer support and also are great for data visualization and analysis. Many companies hiring business analysts want candidates to have knowledge of Tableau or SAS can prove to be highly beneficial.

How do you acquire such skills?
For acquiring such skills, you can either join a professional business analytics training program or go for a business analytics online course. You mostly wouldn’t require any perquisites for getting enrolled in such a course this is one of the reasons you can easily switch careers if you are already working. Although without basic computer knowledge you may find it hard to pickup the skills fast yet a good course should be able to help you overcome any challenge. However, you must be careful and focus on each skill individually as they are the ones which will later fetch you your dream job!

Business analytics is a field that is a cumulation of I.T. and statistics. You need to understand probability, among other topics, and you will need to know how to utilize Python/SQL to apply those statistical principles on the data that is provided to you.

Business analytics may also include finance, marketing, Machine Learning, etc.

So to pursue a career in it, I would suggest you get the basic understanding of what Business Analytics is using online sources like Coursera, Udemy, etc.

Try to utilize your learning on datasets that are freely available on the internet. Websites like Kaggle provide tonnes of free data on various topics, and you can also visit websites like Yelp, Airbnb, etc. to get their own datasets and analyze those.

Then, you can apply for a job related to Business Analytics.

Another method to start a career in Business Analytics would be to get a degree in it. This one is a sure shot way to jump into Business Analytics especially if your current job/degree isn’t anything related to Business Analytics. However, this will require your complete dedication, energy , money and time for a specific period of time , which might range from a year to 2 years if you will be studying full time.

Is online course a viable option?
Business analytics is a dynamic career choice and offers much flexibility. This is why many working professionals are considering a switch. And for such individuals a business analytics online course is the best possible option. Even, student freshers can find a good online course very helpful as it carries many advantages like freedom to choose your own study hours and unlimited repetition of concepts. Moreover, picking up such skills does not take a lot of time which is why an online course is always preferable!

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