Guide To Planning A Career In IT Project Management?

If a project is delivered on time, there are hundreds of people behind its success. It includes people across the departments who are in charge of their separate tasks.

If a project is delivered on time, there are hundreds of people behind its success. It includes people across the departments who are in charge of their separate tasks. But, the person most directly responsible for overseeing any IT project is a project manager. People who work in project management are highly trained managers and specialists who take their work seriously. They manage people from across departments and are involved in the entire lifecycle of a project.

IT Project Management

Project managers are typically the people who ensure that a project is delivered on time, within the allocated budgets, and that the highest quality of work is ensured. Moreover, they don't need to be of a specific background. People providing IT project management services can hail from all sorts of backgrounds, be it humanities, commerce, law, or anything else. Another thing about such a career in project management is that it does not restrict you to a single domain. Even if you want to switch to another domain, as an IT project manager, you would have experience of overseeing a lot of departments. Working in fields like analytics, tech consulting, etc., thus becomes easier.

Skills Required

To enter the field of project management, in addition to experience, here are some soft skills which would help you become successful-

Quick and analytical decision making- As a project manager, you would be in charge of making a lot of higher-level decisions about the project. These would be related to things like delivery, budget, timelines, etc. Not to mention, there are several departments that you'd be overseeing. In such a position, it is a big plus to have the skills to make swift and analytical decisions, taking into account several factors.

Leadership- Having sound leadership skills would help you lead from the top. The different teams you would be handling would be able to be more productive and work more efficiently when under the guidance of an able leader.

Risk management- As a project manager, it would fall unto you to analyze the risks and potential issues that can come up during the process of the project and form strategies on how to tackle them. With this skill set, you would be directly averting a potential crisis.

Patience and tenacity- In case a process does fail, it is of utmost importance for the leader to maintain his cool and calm, and move ahead with a never-give-up attitude. An able manager can motivate his team and help them identify their mistakes.

All of the skills mentioned above are an addition to some common ones that people working in IT project management services should possess. It is a given that they should possess a working knowledge of all the different domains of management. This would provide a sound understanding of them, of how the various processes work together to create a project. Additionally, possessing a sound business, communication, and time management skills are also extremely crucial for anyone in IT project management services.


In the present business scenario, there is a significant demand for IT project management services. This is because companies around the world are moving towards digitization and automation. With this change around the corner, skilled and able resources are scarce. As IT would slowly be merged with every aspect of a business, the need for IT project managers is now, more than ever. This is essential because people in project management positions have a very varied set of skills. They possess the technical expertise to understand the intricacies of a business, and the soft managerial skills to work with stakeholders. Experienced IT project managers would have the ability to plan, execute, and deliver the projects on time and drive your business forward.

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