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Why Big Data Certifications Is a Priority in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has cost many people their jobs. Nonetheless, this should be an eye-opener to everyone – if you want to stay relevant in the IT job market it is high time to take up big data certification.

The COVID-19 pandemic worsens the employment picture.

Isn’t this a big enough reason why you should be thinking of upgrading your professional skills while sitting at home?

Big data and analytics are transforming every industry on the face of the earth. We’re living in a world where data is instantly generated. Everything that we use today is increasingly run by big data. Every business stakeholder and organizations are fighting over ways how they can use big data for their businesses.

People shifting to big data careers have a huge advantage in the foreseeable future. In just three months, the market has seen a complete change. Going forward, this is what job seekers need to know.

  • Everyone’s seeking for a better hire – if you’ve been furloughed, there is no assurance whether you’ll be called back for the same job. Even if you find another job, it may be part-time, unless they hire you for your skills. Having said that, better skills accessibility gives you a guarantee you’re an asset for the company and to lose you would be a great loss to the company. You must have realized this amid the situation we’re facing today.
  • Compensations are gradually waning – you believe it or not, it is the employer’s market right now and organizations have realized they can hire any candidate they wish with lesser pay. Even if you’re worth a higher pay, the ball is in their court. An ideal way to avoid all of this is to stay upskill and embrace the skills of tomorrow.
  • Companies are running lean – companies are forced to cutback, lays offs, and pay cuts. As they look forward to learning more on efficiency, they have realized they can easily function even with less. This simply means, they are not looking to hire more people after the pandemic but to use what is left of their business. Thus, if your efficiency and grit are aligned with the company’s needs your job is secure. Even so, tech professionals must keep their professional skills in-sync with the current industry trends. Most people are already seeking professional certifications from some of the best big data certification programs available online.

The competition has become fierce and will escalate even after the pandemic has resolved. If you don’t have any strategy or skills to outstand the others, you’re slumped.

Next stop, upskill using the help of professional big data certifications. Certifications are proven to be an asset against other people standing in the queue. Seeking the right big data certification will keep you ahead of the curve.

  • Data Science Council of America

With much attention needed to face the soaring demand of big data professionals, the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is leaving a great number of professionals skilled for the jobs of tomorrow. The demand for highly skilled big data professionals has outpaced the supply over the past several years. Even so, the lack of data professionals has left many organizations across the globe with an acute shortage of skilled talent. DASCA, a vendor-neutral platform offers one of a kind of big data certification programs to provide professionals (novice and working professionals) and organizations of every size the ability to acquire and validate big data skills through the DASCA’s Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™). The DASCA-EKF™ framework is specially curated for individuals seeking to demonstrate their value in the competitive job market. Thus, candidate needs to have the right set of skills. DASCA’s Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE™) and Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE™) are significant big data certification programs recommended for both beginners and working professionals in the big data realm.

  • Cloudera and Hortonworks

The Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer (CCP-DE) is ideal for big data professionals with experience in open-source development. The certification program helps the candidate analyze, obtain, import, store, and convert data in the Cloudera CDH environment. A candidate looking to take up Cloudera’s certification needs to first have prior knowledge and skills working with the development of engineering solutions along with extensive knowledge in Hadoop and Spark.


The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) offered by INFORMS provides learning in big data topics related to data, methodology, business, analytics problem framing, deployment, lifecycle management, and building model. INFORMS is an association that is run by specialists, researchers, and trainers from the analytics and operations research field. Candidates looking forward to taking up a certification program from this platform need to first comply with the CAP® code of ethics and get through the CAP® exam.

Final stop

Very few big data professionals are highly skilled, which is unfortunate. However, with big data challenges foreseen many professionals are seeking to shift into big data careers. So, while the majority of the people are whining about the loss of jobs and pay cuts, it is the right time for you to grab this opportunity and upskill.


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