How Do I Backup my Lotus Notes Email to Outlook Platform?

Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter is the excellent solution to convert NSF data items to Outlook PST format including emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Nowadays popularity of email communication is increasing rapidly and the dependence on email clients for communication purpose has increased at a large scale. This email communication are gives a wide space for organizations, businesses and institutions to growing fast with the utilization of best email application. Some of the popular email application is like- Lotus Notes and Outlook. The preference for email application can be change frequently and that’s why user are looking for best email application on every stage.

As we discussed, Lotus Notes and Outlook are very essential software that provide offline email services without any problem. But if we compare Lotus Notes and Outlook then, Outlook had already made its market due to reasons like smooth processing and being less technical. Microsoft Outlook is very much famous among users and there are many users who prefer it over Lotus Notes application. According to research, it also proofed that 85% users are searching the solution of how do I backup my Lotus Notes email to Outlook application. 

With this article, you will definitely get a perfect and reliable solution to resolve your problem of how do I backup my Lotus Notes email to Outlook. Do you know Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter is only direct solution to solve your question? So, users can go through with this blog that holds complete power-pack procedure along with more benefits of Lotus Notes Converter.

Why Outlook is most Preferable Email Client over Lotus Notes Application?

  1. Search Feature of Outlook Application - Outlook is the best email client which comes with the advanced search option that helps users to find any items whatever they are looking for. All users can simply use search filters for their e-mails, contacts, and dates without any issue.
  2. Outlook add-in Feature - Outlook users can access different Outlooks add -ins and plugins that supports user to enjoy more feature benefits. Check Out the list of the 51 finest plugins and add-ins for MS Outlook.
  3. Security Feature of MS Outlook - However, Microsoft has a little bit bad reputation on the security. But if you focus on Outlook 2007, in particular, has better junk mail filtering that permanently blocks outside content such as from another foreign web-sites, web bugs etc.
  4. Outlook Gives Better Feature to Manage Your Emails - Many e-mail application offer some sort of rules for sorting and organizing e-mail, but if we talk about MS Outlook so users can sort their messages into folders, or forward or redirect them according to selected criteria. Outlook maintains your email managed by its automatic filtering and sorting option.

How to Backup your Lotus Notes Email to Outlook using Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter?

Considering the above users problem, here we comes with Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter that gives the whole conversion procedure of how to backup your Lotus Notes email to Outlook application easily. It’s a best professional tool especially introduced for users to resolve the problem with lots of extra-benefits such as batch option, preview mode function and so on. Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter backup your Lotus Notes email to Outlook with attachments and formatting. Users can freely access this software as it does not require any technical knowledge. Follow the given below steps to start the conversion process:

Step-by-Step Procedure of Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter

  • Download and start Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter.
  • Import .nsf files to click on Add Files or Add Foder.
  • Take a Preview facility to click on particular email.
  • Now, Click on Export and select PST format as an output file format.
  • Press Browse button and insert Location Path of PST files and press on Convert.
  • Lastly conversion process will be start on screen. And after the completion of process check fresh PST files at their location.

 Final Verdict:

From above discussion it was proved that Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter is a trustworthy software for users to resolve the problem of how do I backup my Lotus Notes email to Outlook without losing any file/folder. There is also a manual method is available, but it comes with numerous drawbacks that can damage the complete database in a single click. Now it’s totally up to the user to choose the best method between manual and professional technique. Users can also access FREE Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter that allows to backup first 20 items of Lotus Notes to Outlook at free of cost. Moreover, it’s a Windows based operating system that supports all earlier and latest Windows editions including Windows 10.

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