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How does System Testing differ from Acceptance Testing?

Let’s begin by discussing how the System testing for a given product is different from the Acceptance testing conducted on the same.

The primary reason for doing a Software or Application performance Testing is to evaluate and confirm its functionality as per the specifications and ensuring a defect free app interface without any unwanted bugs or system glitches. 

Let’s begin by discussing how the System testing for a given product is different from the Acceptance testing conducted on the same.

System Testing

System Testing is the third level of Software Testing that is done on a completely developed product after the Unit Tests, and the Integration Tests. It is the phase of Application Testing where the finished product is tested for checking and validating its compatibility with the functional requirements. 

  • It is done to confirm and check the functionality of the developed product.
  • It can be either done by the Software developers or the QA testers.
  • System testing is done after performing Unit testing and Integration testing.
  • It contains larger number of negative test cases.
  • It mainly covers the behavioral and functional aspect of the software or application.
  • The loopholes and glitches that are identified at System Testing stage are quickly fixed.

Acceptance Testing 

It is the final level of Software Testing that is done after successfully running the Unit Tests, Integration Tests and the System Tests. It is conducted by the end user verify that the final developed product is suitable and accepted by the clients as per their requirements and needs. 

  • It is done to assess whether the developed product meet all the client requirements.
  • Acceptance tests are conducted by the testers or end users and customers.
  • It contains larger number of positive test cases.
  • It covers only the acceptance criteria and requirements provided by the clients.
  • The defects and errors identified at the Acceptance testing stage are considered to be a failure of the application.


To conclude, whether it is System Testing or Acceptance Testing, both of them are crucial for your app and vital to achieve a successful product. If you do not have an in - house testing team, there are many Outsourcing Software testing companies with years of expertise and unmatched experience such as hike QA that offers a number of Software testing services for your mobile or website applications. 

After all, to get the best out of your developed product you can’t deny and ignore the importance of a Performance Testing Company for conducting successful Software Testing on your application.

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