Rackmount patch panel

How Rackmount fiber optic patch panel is ideal and valuable in industrial automation. – Unisol Communications

We designed three kinds of rackmount patch panel like standard, Sliding and Din rail rackmount patch panel to terminate the fiber core, & keep the excess fiber.

Unisol Rackmount fiber optic patch panel is an incorporated unit for fiber organization; it will give the aggregate security of equipment and perform to settle and manage the fiber optic cables. For splicing, terminating of OFC cables and pigtails in the fiber access network, Rackmount fiber optic patch panels are planned to move in 19-inch rack packaging to give cross-relate and interconnect capacities. These enclosures in data cabinets are available and required to interface pre-stacked with any connector. It is sensible for high-thickness LAN to interconnect or cross-relate fixing.

rack mount fiber optic patch panel


By using Robust steel/aluminum improvement with seven tank process pretreatment and surface electrostatic shower procedure powder covering Rackmount fiber optic patch panels can make with the impelled manufacturing process. For delicate portions which can ensure the most hoisted measure of security inside the fenced-in area.

From unpleasant or cruel natural conditions it will build the consumption obstruction. For fiber management systems, Multiport link passages give or allow more prominent adaptability and broad scope of the fiber management system.

Rackmount fiber optic patch panel formed with innovative features that make foundation and control the harm of fiber optic availability at fast, not so much requesting but rather more moderate or reasonable. Rackmount fiber optic patch panels expect a basic key part in the field of fiber correspondence organize in the Central workplaces (FTTx), Data centers and Telecommunications with increasingly unmistakable prosperity and flexibility. It is a not too bad course of action or choice since it can help you with sorting out and interface the fiber optic associations, and it can shield the cables from harm.

  • Unisol® Rackmount Fiber optic patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber management. It will provide the complete protection of equipment and perform to fix and manage the fiber optic cables. There are three main functions in the Rackmount series.
  • These patch panels are fixing and managing the fiber optic cables inside the box.
  • These panels support pigtail splicing or direct termination of fibers as well as sufficient space to store excess cable and pigtail routing.
  • For interface management, a detachable adapter panel provides flexibility to interchange as per customer desire and gives quick access or approach to connect the Optoelectronic device. These enclosures can be used to provide a some fiber connectivities and safety.

UNISOL® Fiber rack mount patch panel provide cross-connect and interconnect capabilities for splicing & terminating OFC cables, pigtails in the fiber access network. Rackmount din rail and splice enclosures in data cabinets are available pre-loaded with any connector interface required. These 19-inch Fiber enclosure are ideal for high-density LAN interconnect or cross-connect patching. Unisol’s Highly reliable Fiber patch panels offering user-friendly features that take fiber patching to next level. Our rack mount fiber patch panels are designed based on hundreds of customer's feedback & almost two decades of installation experience of our own expert team. Fiber Optic Patch Panel is designed with innovative features that make installation and troubleshooting of fiber optic connectivity faster, easier and more cost-effective. These fiber panels are designed for 19” rack mounting with detachable two-panel model.


  • MS/Aluminum housing with seven Tank process powder coating.
  • Suitable for 19’’Rack mount Applications
  • Replaceable panel for SC/ST/LC/FC type couplers.
  • Can manage adapter panel for maximum 48 SC/48 LC in 1U size
  • Capable of storing up to three meters of 900-micron tight buffered fiber cable
  • Allow a maximum six cables entry.
  • Patch or fusion splice field termination standard.
  • High impact resistance splice tray & cable spool for fiber & pigtail routing
  • Accessory kit includes mounting ear, cable gland, cable ties and screws


  • Indore Premise Networks
  • Central offices (FTTx)
  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Security Surveillance Applications
  • Process Automation & Control Systems
  • Power Systems & Controls


Material Mild Steel/Aluminum with seven Tank Process powder coating.
Dimensions 44*405*240 mm (H*W*D)
Color RAL 7035/Black
Spool FR grade PVC.
Cable grommet FR grade Nylon
Splice Tray FR grade ABC.
Splice Tray Dimension 28*110*180 mm (H*W*D).
Cable Glands Nylon with nitrile butadiene rubber, cable diameter of 5mm to 14mm max available.
Fiber components standard Telecordia GR 326
Insertion Loss less <.3dB (Multimode), < .2dB (Singlemode)
Plug/Unplug durability 1000 times



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